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Document Scanning in Overland Park, KS. With information demands changing seemingly every day, the need to have your important documents digitized and scanned has never been more urgent. The era of complex cataloguing systems, file cabinets, and endless rows of boxes filled with paperwork or film are over and done with—and for good reason, as those document storage methods had an elevated level of liability. Employees now demand to be able to access any file, from any platform, at any time, and the work from home revolution has only quickened the move to a fully digital, paperless work environment.

When your Overland Park business, governmental agency, or institution needs an experienced document scanning partner to digitize your data, join the growing number of companies in Overland Park who trust HITS to reimagine their data management. For over two decades, our team has been a national leader in document scanning technologies, and provides our customers with both superior quality scanning services and a commitment to friendly service. To learn more about our complete selection of Overland Park, KS document scanning solutions, call us at 314-837-4000 or contact us online to speak with a member of our team.

A Full Lineup Of Document Scanning Products

While HITS offers a wide array of data management solutions, such as our STR8VIEW® document viewing platform, our reputation for quality was established on document scanning. Our team has scanned more than two billion documents since we started out, and we are ready to handle scanning projects of all sizes in Overland Park, KS.

We proudly offer the following scanning services:

  • Paper Scanning: our industry-leading technology allows your paper documents to be transferred to multiple file formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, and TIFF, and more. Our proprietary record tracking application allows you to accurately catalog your files during the conversion process, and we can insert metadata, index tracking, and upload the files onto a server or document management software.
  • Blueprint Scanning: we have the ability to convert maps, schematics, blueprints, and other large documents up to 44 inches in width to any major digital format. Once digitized, they are easily viewed through any CAD platform and available to be accessible both now and into the future.
  • Microfilm Scanning: with film being notably prone to decay and destruction, saving files or documents on microfilm, microfiche, 16mm, 35mm, or aperture cards is particularly important. Our process offers features like text-searchable indexing, label confirmation, and roll-matching to produce images that are higher-quality than the original.
  • Monitoring Strip Scanning: hospitals and clinics must keep fetal monitoring strips for a total of 28 years after the birth of a child, and they are usually mixed up with other important paperwork. Our conversion process produces a continuous view image that can be saved anywhere and allows your medical facility to keep up with HIPAA compliance, save space, and provide doctors and nurses with easily-searchable data accessible anywhere.
  • DocuMiner®: Does your Overland Park company struggle with bulging file cabinets and boxes full of paperwork? Are some of those files worth saving, but others no longer needed? HITS has the perfect solution in DocuMiner®, our proprietary record storage removal application that sorts your documents into two groups: one to scan, and one to shred. We take care of all of the work so your Overland Park office can focus on your core compentencies.

Committed to Document Security

At HITS, we understand that many of your documents contain sensitive, confidential information. If this data is seen by the wrong person or leaked to the general public, it could spell disaster for you as a Overland Park business or expose personal data to identity thieves and criminals. You know that information security is paramount, and so do we.

Our document scanning services provide you with the finest in data privacy and security. We offer secure, certified destruction of unnecessary documents that takes care of your Overland Park, KS data disposal requirements so you don't have to. When you send us your documents via our proprietary HITS KIT service, you can be sure that your data will be protected as it is 100% secure from end to end. Our scanning and retrieval systems are engineered with complete, industry-standard security mechanisms, and are equipped with full tracking applications so you can monitor the entire process yourself. As well, our new record storage facility (currently under construction) is constructed to full National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) standards for document security and data safety.

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With affordable document scanning solutions, convenient customer service, and a commitment to security, it is no wonder why all kinds of Overland Park businesses call HITS when they need their documents to be secured and digitized for both today and tomorrow. Universities, federal government offices, Fortune 500 companies, and major regional hospital systems across Overland Park, KS all have relied on HITS' technology to help them create a paperless data ecosystem that enables their employees to work from anywhere, keeps critical data secure and safe, and greatly reduces both storage costs and document liability.

Regardless of whether you want to scan a handful of documents or a warehouse filled with paperwork that are decades old, HITS has the ability to handle your document scanning requirements. Call us today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online to speak with a member of our team and learn more about HITS' complete line of document scanning, data management, and paperless conversion solutions in Overland Park, KS.