Secure Destruction

Peace of mind.

Our shredding services assure that your confidential document cannot be reviewed, reproduced, or recreated.

What you decide to destroy is as important as what you decide to keep. When you retain documents past what is necessary, you could be incurring unnecessary storage costs as well as remaining vulnerable to legal exposure.

HITS can provide secure and certified destruction of all paper documents as part of your total document conversion project. Avoid the hassle of internally shredding all documents; allow HITS to handle this process for you, after your project conversion.

Industries may vary and your specific regulatory climate may constantly change, but HITS can ensure that your company’s documents are shredded to the compliance level needed.

We understand and are equipped to manage all your secure data disposal needs, all with the highest integrity and most stringent level of industry compliance and management policies. Protect yourself from liability save on costs by contacting us today.