• Audit Capabilities
  • Absorbs Legacy System Data
  • Search Capabilities
  • Download Capabilities
  • Cloud Based System
  • Simultaneous Viewing
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Continuous View

Discover how affordable STR8VIEW® can be for your Health Information Department!

STR8VIEW® is an innovative, secure, cloud-based document management system that enhances the way you view and retrieve your documents. Extensive compliance capabilities, innovative search engine, and streamlined access channels address challenges of paper records – all within a simple, user-friendly interface. By absorbing legacy system data, STR8VIEW® eliminates the stress of retrieving records from multiple systems, centralizing your records. Our continuous fetal strip viewer completes a system fit to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.


Annual Fee: $250
$395 per month

Concurrent Users Up To 5

Storage Up To 400 GB

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Annual Fee: $500
$945 per month

Concurrent Users Up To 30

Storage Up To 1 TB

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Advanced Plus

Annual Fee: $1000
Customized Pricing

Concurrent Users Over 30

Storage Over 1 TB

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STR8VIEW® empowers the modern Health Information Department to work quickly and simply. A robust, HIPAA-Compliant management platform takes secure accessibility to new heights, all while centralizing document operations.

Going paperless has never been easier!

Our HIPAA compliant, user-friendly STR8VIEW system has revolutionized health information management. With audit-capabilities and a secure, cloud-based server, you can migrate data from multiple systems to access anywhere.

Most hybrid storage solutions are costly and inefficient, staggering workflow and access. That’s why we created STR8VIEW®. With risks of damage over long retention periods, we understand that streamlined storage systems are more important than ever. Based on extensive customer feedback, we’ve developed a solution tailored to fit your distinct needs. A truly unique system allows for the continuous viewing of fetal monitoring strips. With our streamlined search engine and migration capabilities, healthcare managers can access a patient’s entire history in one location.

Standard Features + Across America

Intuitive and friendly interface

Quick load search and display

Optimized for continuous view

Download and print capabilities

Simultaneous access

Accessible across multiple devices

Audit tracking capabilities

Robust data protection and back up

Encryption in transit and at rest

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