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Federal Government Document Management in St. Louis, MO. The need for federal government agencies to digitize their documents is an urgent requirement. In 2018, then-President Trump's administration published a report called Memorandum M-19-21, which outlines a comprehensive plan to streamline and refocus the federal government in order to improve its efficiency. While a number of its proposals were not enacted, one that was put into place is to move all federal business processes and records to a paperless environment by December 31, 2022. The government has even ordered the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) not to accept any paper record after this date. Additional guidance has been provided by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). This detailed a timeline and process that government agencies should follow to meet this goal. By the end of 2022, the OMB has mandated that "Federal agencies will manage all permanent records in an electronic format and with appropriate metadata," and all temporary records will be either in electronic formats or stored in commercial facilities. Contact HITS now for more information about how we can help.

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As an industry leader in data management solutions since 1994, HITS is perfectly poised to help federal government agencies, wherever they may be, achieve their electronic federal records management goals. Our eight-step document scanning process includes an industry-unique audit trail process that ensures each document is processed to your requirements. We offer technology that is proven, easy to use, and is in full compliance with Department of Defense 5015.2 STD specifications and NARA standards. Best of all, all services are backed by a support team that understands your needs and provides exceptional customer service. Contact us today online, by dialing 202-793-2200 for our Washington, D.C. office, or by calling 314-837-4000 to speak with a member of our team and learn more about our full range of Universal (ERM) services.

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When searching for a digital document transformation partner, ask yourself: What is most important for your office and department? Do you want a platform that easily allows you to upload and view your documents? Do you need your documents to be accessible from all platforms and at all times? Are you needing a custom-built environment for your paperless document storage, would you like to transition to one that has already been built and is used by private-sector companies of all sizes, or do you already have a software system that works for you? Most importantly, you will need a document management partner who is as dedicated to security as you are, that will safely dispose of any unneeded documents, and keep your sensitive documents from leaking out.

HITS offers proven, secure solutions to your federal government department or office's document management requirements. Our Paperless To Go system indexes all your documents and provides complete tracking and cataloging services. You can be sure that all your files are transferred over into a new format and provided proper metadata, as required by the OMB memorandum. Paperless To Go works with any Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), including our own Str8view® software, or you can opt to have documents uploaded onto a hard drive. Most importantly, documents are instantly available for remote access, and the entire process is 100% secure and protected.

For applications where your department or office needs to preserve certain documents and can get rid of others, DocuMiner® from HITS is the ideal solution. Our team analyzes all your documents in real-time and sorts them into two groups: Scan or Shred. We provide a full manifest of all your files that your department or office can review, and once you approve this list documents that are no longer needed are securely disposed of. The documents you need to keep are scanned and entered into your preferred EDMS, which digitizes your documents to NARA/OMB requirements, archives and secures them for years to come, and allows them to be viewed anywhere.

Why Government Document Management Matters

There are a number of reasons government agencies need to consider better document management. See below for the main ones:

  • Environmental Impact: Reducing paper usage helps conserve trees and reduces the environmental impact associated with paper production, including deforestation and pollution.
  • Cost Savings: Going paperless eliminates the need to purchase paper, ink, and other supplies, leading to cost savings for businesses and individuals.
  • Efficiency: Digital documents are easier to organize, access, and share compared to paper documents. This improves workflow efficiency and reduces the time spent searching for information.
  • Space Saving: Storing documents digitally eliminates the need for physical storage space, freeing up office space and reducing clutter.
  • Security: Digital documents can be encrypted and backed up to secure servers, reducing the risk of loss or damage compared to physical documents.
  • Accessibility: Digital documents can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing for remote work and collaboration.

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When Document Security Is Paramount

At most federal government offices and agencies, keeping documents secure and avoiding leaks is a mission-critical task. Sensitive information can easily fall into the wrong hands and affect all facets of governmental operations. Whether hacks, leaks, or espionage, secure electronic document handling is a matter of national security and should be treated as such. Consider FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) an example.

The document management professionals at HITS understand the importance of document security and confidentiality, and thus provide full document management security in all their projects. Our HITS Kit document shipping service is secure from end to end, so you can be confident that documents sent to our central facility for scanning will not be intercepted. Once scanned, we use an eight-step audit trail process to guarantee that your documents will not be lost and that you can have total control of the audit process. HITS' DocuMiner® platform is hosted on trusted, FedRAMP Moderate certified AWS infrastructure. We are fully committed to robust security and all our electronic document management platforms meet CISPE, DoD 5015.2 STD, HITECH Act, and VPAT Section 508 standards for encryption and data protection.

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With the deadline fast approaching for federal government offices and agencies to fully digitize their documents and move them to a paperless environment, working with a trusted document management partner is all the more important. The experienced document services professionals at HITS have helped private sector firms of all types, from hospitals to universities to Fortune 500 corporations, reimagine their data management strategy and create future-proof systems to access and archive sensitive material.

Our experienced electronic document management professionals are ready to help your federal government department, office, or agency meet the OMB's deadline to transition your document management to a fully paperless environment. Call our Washington, DC office today at 202-793-2400, our main office at 314-837-4000, or contact us online to speak with our team and learn more about how HITS reimagines your federal government document management.