Paperless To Go

Moving towards a remote workforce?

Paperless To Go ensures your remote workers will have information at their fingertips when they need it. Whether they need an HR document, financial document, or other business document, HITS has the complete, secure, solution for your business.

Paperless To Go, developed by HITS, uses our unique in-house document tracking application, which allows us to accurately catalog all documents throughout the conversion process. This allows both HITS and our customers to feel confident as to what has been sent and allows HITS to track each document as it moves through the conversion process.

Once the files have been indexed to your standards, HITS then makes it easy to view the documents in the format of your choosing: Tiff, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. Index and other metadata can also be provided in multiple formats, as required by your individual application.

HITS will securely transfer converted data directly into your document management system, HITS’ STR8VIEW® system, or onto a hard drive for you to upload into your preferred system, for remote access. This allows your remote workers immediate access to files.

Contact us today to start Paperless To Go or call us at 314-837-4000 and ask to speak to a Paperless To Go expert!