Monitoring Strip Scanning

According to AHIMA’s recommended retention period, you may need to keep fetal monitoring strips for 10 years after the age of maturity, which is a total of 28 years! Like most medical organizations, these strips are wrapped in rubber bands and stored in boxes, often with other records. These records can be difficult to locate and have a tendency to fade within those first 10 years.

This leads many hospitals and clinics to want to scan these fetal monitoring strips. You can save record research time, maintain HIPAA compliance and retain high-quality images for the full storage period required by your individual state regulations. The challenge in converting these documents into a digital image is that they can be quite long and most production-grade scanners cannot process them.

Our unique conversion process is unlike most paper to digital scanning; we provide you a continuous view image identical to the original strip within our STR8VIEW® system. Best of all, you can access a patient’s record using text-searchable terms while maintaining the highest level of HIPAA compliance. Records can be stored within STR8VIEW® (an innovative and secure cloud-based system), hard drives, or your organization’s servers.

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