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Data Migration in St. Louis. Data migration is a necessary tool for St. Louis companies and organizations who are merging, updating their software, or modernizing their system and going cloud. HITS has become an industry leader in IT services and data management, and has been creating and implementing creative solutions for businesses, organizations, and government agencies for over 25 years. With our proprietary applications, we can make your data migration process simple, easy, and cost-effective. For data migration in St. Louis, or any other data management or document services, call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote.

What is Data Migration in St. Louis?

Data migration is the process of moving data, records, and other information from one location, format, or application to another. It can be used when companies or organizations move to new software, businesses are merged, when companies are going paperless, moving from on-premises storage to cloud, or in a variety of other circumstances.

Unfortunately, data migration does contain certain risks, especially when larger amounts of data are being transferred. A recent survey found that 62% of projects were harder than expected and 55% went over budget. 56% of respondents said that lack of expertise was a contributing factor. How can you avoid those pitfalls? Trust in an expert St. Louis data migration and management firm like HITS. Our turn-key process has been proven to be effective, safe, and efficient.

Types of Data Migration in St. Louis

As data migration can happen for a variety of reasons, there are many different types of data migration that St. Louis companies may need. Some of the data migration we assist our clients with include:

  • Storage migration between physical media:

    Organizations might need this type because they are going to new storage devices that are more secure, more modern, have more storage capabilities, or offer more flexibility. Examples can include migrating data:

    • From paper to digital documents
    • From hard disc drives to faster and more durable data storage:
    • From mainframes to cloud
  • Database migration, for example:

    This is often needed when an organization is upgrading a database or switching to a new database from a different provider. Different databases can resolve performance issues, reduce your storage subsystem's footprint, and lead to lower power costs.

  • Application migration between platforms and environments:

    This can happen when a company goes to a new software vendor, for example a hospital replacing an electronic health record system, or a business replacing their HR software.

  • Data center migrations between locations or servers:

    This can happen when data needs to be moved from one data center — the physical location data is stored in on-premises — to another, if the physical computers, wires, and hard drives data is stored on are being replaced, or if a company is moving to cloud.

  • Business process migration:

    These are needed during mergers and acquisitions, if a business is reorganizing its operations, or when a business is entering a new market. These will involve the transfer of data about customers, services and products, and operations.

  • Cloud migration, from on-premises storage to cloud or cloud to cloud:

    This encompasses any of the above examples where data is being transferred from a physical location to a cloud. Experts predict that by 2025 over 100 zettabytes of data, about half of all data expected to exist.

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The 7 Steps of Data Migration in St. Louis

Successful data migration depends on your St. Louis IT service following 7 essential steps:

  1. Identify the current data format and location: It's important to have a thorough understanding of the media the data is in, where it is located, and where it will be migrated to. This is an optimal time to identify potential risks, plan out important security measures you'll have to take, and spot problems with data quality or data integrity.
  2. Plan the data migration: It's important to carefully determine the size and scope of the project to determine the resources necessary and a realistic timeline for completing the project. We'll also plan out the data migration so that it will not interfere with normal operations.
  3. Backup the data: Like any technical process, things can go wrong in data migration. We'll analyze how to best backup your specific data, so if there are any missing data, corrupt files, or the unexpected happens (such as a power outage), we'll be able to return your data to its original state and complete the data migration successfully.
  4. Asses the migration tool: Different types of data will require different tools or applications for a successful migration. At HITS, we have experience with all types of data from all types of locations and will know what tool to use.
  5. Execute the data migration: Once the plan is in place, the data is backed up, and you've chosen the right tool, it's time to execute your plan. We'll make sure all the necessary permissions are in place and have a detailed checklist to follow during the migration. Within the first few hours, we'll know if our initial timeline is correct and if everything is functioning correctly. If not, we'll intervene immediately.
  6. Testing the final system: Make sure there are no connectivity problems, and all the data arrived at the right locations in the right format. To verify this, we'll conduct unit, system, volume, web-based application, and batch application tests.
  7. Follow-up and maintenance: Problems can still arise after running tests. We'll run a comprehensive audit of the process and its results and ensure the quality of the final data. If there are errors, such as incomplete or corrupt data, we can restore these files from the backup.

At HITS, we take ownership of every step of your data migration process. We use advanced tools, industry knowledge, and innovative technology to make sure your data migration process in St. Louis is affordable and efficient.

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Data Migration St. Louis | Data Management | IT Solutions Near Me

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As we are centrally located in the U.S., we can conveniently provide data migration services to organizations from coast to coast. HITS will help you run more efficiently and optimize your data storage system. We have been providing innovative and creative solutions in St. Louis since 1994. Call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote.