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Data Migration in Wentzville, MO. Data migration is a necessary process for Wentzville, MO businesses and institutions who are making an acquisition, modernizing their system, or going paperless. HITS has become an industry leader in IT services and data management over the last 25 years. With our unique applications, we can make your data migration process stress-free and affordable. For data migration in Wentzville, MO, or any other information technology services, call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or of transferring internal data from one storage system or computing environment to another. It can be used when companies or organizations are merging when companies are going paperless, moving from storage in a data center to cloud, or in numerous other situations.

Unfortunately, there are known risks that come with data migration, and the risk increases the more data is being transferred. A recent study stated that 62% of projects were harder than originally thought and just over half cost more than they should have. 56% of respondents reported that lack of knowledge by the IT professionals played a major role in the mishaps. How can you avoid those pitfalls? Hire an experienced Wentzville, MO data capture and conversion specialist like HITS. Our turn-key operation has been proven to protect your data and efficiently transfer it to a new system.

Types of Data Migration in Wentzville, MO

As there are many different motivations to seek out data migration, there are several different categories of data migration that Wentzville, MO businesses and institutions may need. We are experts in a range of data migration processes:

  • Storage migration between physical media:

    Organizations might necessitate this because they are moving to other storage systems that protect data better and can house more of it. Examples can include:

    • Going paperless
    • Going from hard disc drives to faster and more durable data storage:
    • Going from a data center to cloud
  • Database migration:

    This refers to upgrading a a database management system where your data is already stored or migrating the data to an entirely new system. Moving to a new system or upgrading your current one can solve performance issues and and lower power costs.

  • Application migration between computing environments:

    This can happen when a company goes to a new software provider, for example a hospital upgrading to a better electronic health record system, or a business replacing their HR software.

  • Data center migrations between locations:

    This is when data needs to be moved from one data center — the physical location that stores and protects your data — to another, if the physical mainframes and wires data is stored on are being replaced, or if an institution is moving to cloud.

  • Business process migration:

    These are necessary during acquisitions, if a business is rearranging its internal processes, or when a business is entering a new market. These will involve the transfer of data about clients, products, and taxes.

  • Cloud migration, from on-premises storage to cloud or cloud to cloud:

    This encompasses any of the above examples where data is being moved to a cloud environment. Experts predict that by 2025 companies shifting to cloud will cause over $1.3 trillion in IT spending in 2022.

Data Migration Wentzville, MO | Data Management | IT Solutions Near Wentzville

The 7 Steps of Data Migration in Wentzville, MO

Wentzville, MO IT services that efficiently migrate data use a 7 step process:

  1. Identify the current status of the data: It's crucial to understand the current location and form of the data in order to know how to transform and transfer. This is the best opportunity to ascertain potential risks, how we'll address them and other security issues, and analyze problems that might arise in the transforming the data to a new medium.
  2. Create a game plan for the data migration: It's important to understand the size and scope of the project to determine the resources necessary and a sensible timeline for completing the project. Not prudently planning the data migration could lead downtimes for your organization.
  3. Backup the data: Like any technical process, things can go wrong in data migration. Backing up your data protects you from any incomplete data, or the if something unpredictable (such as a power outage), we'll be able to restore your data and adjust our plan accordingly.
  4. Asses exactly how to carry out the migration: Different mediums of data will require different tools or applications for a successful migration. At HITS, we have experience with all types of data from all types of locations and will know what tool to use.
  5. Perform the data migration: Once the above steps have been taken care of, the time has come to actually migrate the data. We'll ensure all the requisite permissions are in place and follow a detailed checklist as the migration is being carried out. Early on, we'll be able to adjust our timeline if necessary and see if there are any unforeseen problems with the plan. If anything comes up, we'll take immediate action.
  6. Testing the final system: Make sure there are no connectivity problems, and all the data arrived at the right locations in the right format. To authenticate this, we'll carry out system, web-based application, and batch application tests.
  7. Follow-up and maintenance: Even if the process was adequately tested at various stages, errors can still occur. We'll run a comprehensive audit of the system and data quality and verify the status of the final product. If there are errors, for instance missing data, we'll still have the backup to restore it.

At HITS, we take ownership of every step of backing up, transforming, and migrating your data. We use advanced tools and other applications and experience to ensure your data migration process in Wentzville, MO is cost-effective and runs smoothly.

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Data Migration Wentzville, MO | Data Management | IT Solutions Near Wentzville

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As we are centrally located in the U.S., we can conveniently provide data migration services to companies and corporations across the U.S.. HITS will help you operate more effectively and optimize how your data is stored. We have been providing innovative and creative solutions in Wentzville, MO since 1994. Call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote.