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Data Migration in Independence, MO. Data migration is a necessary operation for Independence, MO businesses and corporations who are making an acquisition, updating their software, or going paperless. HITS has become an industry leader in IT services and data management over the last 25 years. By utilizing our proprietary applications, we can make your data migration process straightforward and affordable. For data migration in Independence, MO, or any other information technology services, call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or of selecting, preparing, extracting, and transferring data from one system to another. It can be used when companies or organizations move to new software when companies are going paperless, moving from on-premises storage to cloud, or a range of other motivations.

Unfortunately, there are known risks that come with data migration, and the risk increases the more data is being transported. A recent study reported that 62% of projects were more difficult than originally thought and 55% cost more than they should have. 56% of respondents said that lack of expertise was a major factor. What can you do about it? Trust in a talented Independence, MO data capture and conversion company like HITS. Our turn-key services has been proven to be effective, secure, and efficient.

Types of Data Migration in Independence, MO

As there are many different motivations to seek out data migration, there are several different kinds of data migration that Independence, MO businesses and institutions may need. We are experts in a range of data migration processes:

  • Storage migration between physical storage units:

    Organizations might necessitate this because they are going to new storage devices that are more modern or have more storage offer more flexibility. Examples can include:

    • Going paperless
    • Going from hard disc drives to faster and more durable data storage:
    • Going from a data center to cloud
  • Database migration:

    This is often needed when an organization is upgrading a a database where your data is already stored or migrating the data to an entirely new system. Moving to a new system or upgrading your current one can solve problems with performance and and lower power costs.

  • Application migration to new platforms:

    Common examples of this are moving to a new software vendor, for example a healthcare provider upgrading to a better electronic health record system, or a business replacing their HR software.

  • Data center migrations between hard drives:

    This is when data is migrated from one data center — the physical location that stores and protects your data — to a different one, if a company is investing in new computers and wires, or if a corporation is moving to cloud.

  • Business process migration:

    These are needed during acquisitions, if a business is adjusting its operations, or when a business is entering a new market. These will involve the transfer of data about customers, products, and taxes.

  • Cloud migration, from on-premises storage to cloud or cloud to cloud:

    This encompasses any of the above examples where data is being migrated to a cloud environment. One prediction stated that that by 2025 the public cloud service market could reach $623.3 billion by 2023.

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The 7 Steps of Data Migration in Independence, MO

A lot goes into data migration, but generally the process can be broken down into 7 essential steps carried out by an IT service in Independence, MO:

  1. Analyze the data: It's vital to understand the current location and form of the data in order to know how to transform and transfer. During this stage, we'll work to analyze potential risks, plan out important security measures we'll have to take, and spot issues that might arise in the transforming the data to a new medium.
  2. Plan the data migration: It's important to carefully determine the size and scope of the project to determine the resources necessary and a realistic timeline for completing the project. Additionally, this will allow us to plan the migration in a way that minimally interferes with your normal operations.
  3. Backup the data: Even with an understanding of the project and a plan in place, things can go wrong in data migration. Backing up data is essential in the event of any incomplete files, or the if circumstances outside of our control arise (for instance a power outage), we'll be able to return your data to its original state and adjust our plan accordingly.
  4. Asses exactly how to carry out the migration: Depending on the current form of the data being migrated, we'll find the best application to finally carry out the procedure. At HITS, we utilize a variety of different resources to get the best outcome in your project.
  5. Perform the data migration: Once we're confident with our plan and the data is backed up, the time has come to actually migrate the data. We'll ensure all the requisite permissions are in place and follow a exhaustive checklist during the migration. Early on, we'll know if our initial timeline is correct and if everything is functioning correctly. If there are any problems, we'll intervene immediately.
  6. Testing the final system: Ensure the data is protected, correct, and in the correct location. In the testing stage, we'll conduct volume, web-based application, and batch application tests.
  7. Follow-up and maintenance: Even if the process was tested before and after the migration, errors can still occur. We'll run a comprehensive audit of the process and its results and validate the condition of the ultimate product. If there are errors, for example corrupt data, we can correct the issue using the backup files.

At HITS, we are heavily involved with every part of your data migration process. We use advanced tools and other resources and experience to ensure your data migration process in Independence, MO is affordable and runs smoothly.

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Data Migration Independence, MO | Data Management | IT Solutions Near Independence

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As we are headquartered in the Midwest, we can conveniently provide data migration services to businesses and enterprises from coast to coast. HITS will help you run more effectively and optimize how your data is kept. We have been an industry leader in Independence, MO since 1994. Call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote.