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Data Migration in O’Fallon, MO. Data migration is a required operation for O’Fallon, MO companies and institutions who are making an acquisition, updating their software, or going cloud. HITS has been innovating and helping organizations become more efficient and productive for over 25 years. By utilizing our unique applications, we can make your data migration process straightforward and easy to fit under your budget. For data migration in O’Fallon, MO, or any other information technology services, call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or of transferring internal data from one storage system or computing environment to another. It can be used when companies or organizations move to new software when companies are streamlining their internal processes, moving from storage in a data center to cloud, or a variety of other motivations.

Unfortunately, data migration does come with some unpredictability, particularly when significant amounts of data are being transported. A recent survey reported that 62% of projects were more complex than anticipated and just over half cost more than they should have. 56% of companies that replied said that lack of knowledge by the IT professionals played a major role in the mishaps. What can you do about it? Hire an experienced O’Fallon, MO data migration and management specialist like HITS. Our turn-key data migration has been proven to be successful, safe, and efficient.

Types of Data Migration in O’Fallon, MO

Data migration is a broad term that encompasses many different specific processes in O’Fallon, MO. We are experts in a range of data migration processes:

  • Storage migration between physical media:

    Organizations might require this because they are going to new storage devices that are more modern or have more storage offer more flexibility. Examples can include:

    • Moving information from paper to a computerized system
    • Going from hard disc drives to solid-state drives:
    • Going from mainframes to cloud
  • Database migration:

    This is often needed when an organization is updating a a database you already use or switching to a new database from a different provider. Different databases can sort out performance issues and lead to lower energy bills.

  • Application migration to new computing environments:

    Common examples of this are moving to a new software provider, for example a hospital upgrading to a better electronic health record system, or a business replacing their billing system.

  • Data center migrations between locations:

    This can happen when data is transferred from one data center — the actual location data is kept in on-premises — to another, if a company is investing in new mainframes and wires, or if an institution is moving to cloud.

  • Business process migration:

    This is what you call data migration during mergers, if a business is changing its operations, or when a company is entering a new market. These will involve the transfer of data about clients, products, and warranties.

  • Cloud migration, from on-premises storage to cloud or cloud to cloud:

    This is another broad term that refers to many of the instances above where data is being migrated to a cloud environment. One prediction stated that that by 2025 over 100 zettabytes of data, about half of the data expected to exist.

Data Migration O’Fallon, MO | Data Management | IT Solutions Near O’Fallon

The 7 Steps of Data Migration in O’Fallon, MO

A lot goes into data migration, but generally the process can be broken down into 7 essential steps performed by an IT service in O’Fallon, MO:

  1. Determine the current status of the data: It's crucial to understand the current location and form of the data in order to know how to transform and transfer. During this stage, we'll work to ascertain potential risks, how we'll react to them and other security concerns, and analyze issues that might come up in the transforming the data to a new medium.
  2. Create a game plan for the data migration: It's important to grasp the size and scope of the project to determine the resources necessary and a practical timeline for completing the project. Not prudently planning the data migration could lead downtimes for your organization.
  3. Backup the data: Like any technical process, things can go wrong in data migration. Backing up data is essential in the event of any incomplete files, or the if something unpredictable (for example a power outage), we'll be able to restore your data and continue with the data migration with a new plan in place.
  4. Asses the migration tool: Depending on the current form of the data being migrated, we'll find the best application to finally carry out the procedure. At HITS, we implement a variety of different tools to get the best results in your project.
  5. Cary out the data migration: Once we're confident with our plan and the data is backed up, it's time to perform our plan. We'll ensure all the mandatory permissions are in place and go through a comprehensive checklist during the migration. In the initial stages, we'll know if our initial timeline is reasonable and if everything is functioning correctly. If there are any problems, we'll intervene immediately.
  6. Testing the final system: Now it's time validate the data is where it's supposed to be and in the appropriate format. In the testing stage, we'll perform system, web-based application, and batch application tests.
  7. Follow-up and maintenance: Problems can still arise after running tests. We'll conduct a comprehensive audit of the process and its results and ensure the quality of the final product. If there are errors, for instance incomplete data, we can restore these files from the backup.

At HITS, we are hands on every step of your data migration process. We use industry knowledge and other applications and experience to make certain that your data migration process in O’Fallon, MO is affordable and successful.

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Data Migration O’Fallon, MO | Data Management | IT Solutions Near O’Fallon

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As we our operations are based in the middle of the country, we can easily provide data migration services to companies and organizations across the U.S.. HITS will help you become more productive and efficient and optimize how your information is kept. We have been helping businesses and institutions in O’Fallon, MO since 1994. Call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote.