Blueprint Scanning

Blueprints and other large format drawings are vital to the building and planning of our communities; providing architects, engineers and city planners highly valuable information. However, these enormous paper documents can be difficult to manage and inefficient to store. The quality and detail can degrade over time. Today’s continued conversion to CAD and even mobile makes paper documents almost impossible to efficiently share or utilize.

HITS has specialized in wide and large format scanning services for engineering/architectural firms, construction companies, and municipal growth management planning and building departments for years.

Once these documents are digitized, they can be easily located when requested. Once requested, documents can be printed, faxed or emailed to whomever may need them. Local governments are particularly interested in our expertise in the scanning of large format drawings.

HITS has the capability of converting blueprints, plat drawings, aerial maps, or any other drawings up to 44 inches in width to digital format. All the supporting documentation can also be digitized and combined with the drawings to provide a complete, unified record.

By creating digital versions of your existing large format documents, you can see many benefits to efficiency and the bottom line.

Contact us today and we will develop a customized solution to meet your budget and access needs.