As a leader in the document management industry, it’s our goal to provide you with the highest level of quality and exceptional customer service. HITS KITS is your first step towards a paperless work environment.

Send on your own time. With HITS KITS, you can send work gradually or all at once, so your documents are scanned at a pace that suits your needs.

Top tier, anywhere. HITS is proud to partner with companies across the US. Whether sending via our logistics team or our exclusive Fed-Ex partnership, you can receive industry-leading service wherever you are.

Always secure. Our document scanning and retrieval processes are engineered with extensive security and tracking mechanisms, so you can be sure your documents are always safe and compliant.

With HITS, shipping has never been easier. Our HITS KITS contain all the materials you’ll need to securely send your documents for scanning. Choose between our standard or fetal- optimized boxes. Simple assembly and detailed customer support resources make the entire process smooth. Each HITS KIT contains 10 boxes.

It's as easy as...

1 Communicate with our coordinator
2 Receive and pack boxes
3 Send!