Paper Scanning

Quality paper scanning is what built HITS’ reputation for providing secure document conversion solutions. For years, we have worked with firms large and small to future-proof their document management to be more efficient and reliable.

HITS has an extensive process, using an in-house developed record tracking application, which allows us to accurately catalog all records throughout the conversion process. This allows both HITS and our customers to feel confident as to what has been sent, and allows HITS to track each record as it moves through the Conversion Process.

Once the files have been indexed to your criteria HITS then makes it easy to view the records in your particular environment. We offer many different formats, such as Tiff, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. Index and other metadata can also be provided in multiple formats, as required by your individual application. This allows the data to be easily imported into your current or future document or information management environment.

Contact us for secure and dependable paper scanning and document conversion.