• Free up immediate storage space
  • Mitigate Liability
  • Eliminate request charges
  • 24 hr. TAT for file requests at no cost
  • Clean and consistent budget billing
  • Electronic audit trail
  • 24-hr. HITS support
  • Secure facility; 24 hr. video surveillance

Sort.  Shred.  Scan.

HITS’ patent-pending DocuMiner® application is an innovative record storage removal solution that enables organizations to eliminate growing liability and reduce the infinite cost of physical document storage.

Hospitals and businesses need to be able to access relevant information, and you need a safe place to store them. Traditionally, this has meant boxes and boxes of records and files being stored in warehouses--but those are expensive long term, consume unneeded and useful space, and can easily cause sensitive documents to become lost and difficult to find.

Now, there is the perfect solution to increase access to these documents, reduce your liability, and safely remove years of storage off the life of your records: DocuMiner® from HITS.

HITS' DocuMiner® will help alleviate liability and cost by sorting your documents into two categories: Scan or Shred. After our DocuMiner® application analyzes the data in real-time, HITS will provide a full manifest list of all documents inventoried. Your organization can then go through this list and decide which documents are worth keeping and which ones should be destroyed.

Once approved, HITS will securely and safely dispose of the documents that have met your organization's specific retention policy. The remaining documents will then continue to our preferred scanning service, enabling your images to be viewed electronically within either HITS' STR8VIEW® or any other document management system. This helps your business in two ways: valuable storage space is freed up, while your most important documents are digitized and can be securely viewed anywhere, anytime.

DocuMiner® also offers even bigger potential savings by storing your sensitive documents only to your retention period. Fire, water, or other damage could easily destroy proprietary materials, plus ink fades and paper deteriorates over time. Every business wants to prepare for the unexpected and DocuMiner® from HITS is your ideal solution for document storage and retention, all while reducing liability.

Organizations of all sizes have used DocuMiner® to archive sensitive documents safely and efficiently, while reducing their liability and storage cost for years to come. HITS is proud to offer a cost-effective solution to your storage and liability challenges. Contact us today to learn more about what DocuMiner® from HITS can do for your business' record storage and liability needs.