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Data Migration in Richmond, VA. Data migration is a required process for Richmond, VA companies and corporations who are merging, updating their software, or going paperless. HITS has been developing and implementing creative solutions for businesses, enterprises, and government agencies for over two decades. With our proprietary applications, we can make your data migration process straightforward and cost-effective. For data migration in Richmond, VA, or any other information technology services, call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or of selecting, preparing, extracting, and transferring data from one system to another. It can be used when companies or organizations are merging when companies are streamlining their internal processes, modernizing their data storage to a cloud environment, or numerous other reasons.

Unfortunately, data migration can be a risky undertaking, and the risk increases the more data is being transported. A recent survey reported that 62% of projects were more difficult than anticipated and just over half cost more than they should have. 56% of companies that replied stated that lack of expertise played a major role in the mishaps. However, there is a way to eliminate those issues. Hire an experienced Richmond, VA data capture and conversion specialist like HITS. Our turn-key operation has been proven to keep your data safe and efficiently transfer it to a new system.

Types of Data Migration in Richmond, VA

Data migration is a broad term that encompasses many different specific processes in Richmond, VA. We provide the following types of data migration:

  • Storage migration between physical storage units:

    Organizations might require this because they are going to new storage devices that are more modern or have more storage offer more flexibility. Examples can include:

    • Going paperless
    • Going from hard disc drives to faster and more durable data storage:
    • Going from physical storage to cloud
  • Database migration:

    This is often needed when an organization is upgrading a existing database management system or moving your data to a completely new database. Moving to a new system or upgrading your current one can solve problems with performance and reduce your database's footprint.

  • Application migration to new platforms:

    Common examples of this are moving to a new software vendor, for example a healthcare provider replacing an electronic health record system, or a business replacing their billing system.

  • Data center migrations between locations:

    This can happen when data needs to be moved from one data center — the actual mainframes data is kept in on-site — to another, if the physical mainframes and wires data is stored on are being replaced, or if an enterprise is moving to cloud.

  • Business process migration:

    These are necessary during acquisitions, if a business is rearranging its operations, or when a company is entering a different competitive field. These will involve the transfer of data about clients, products, and warranties.

  • Cloud migration, from on-premises storage to cloud or cloud to cloud:

    This is another broad term that refers to many of the instances above where data is being transferred from paper or computers to a cloud. One prediction stated that that by 2025 the public cloud service market could reach $623.3 billion by 2023.

Data Migration Richmond, VA | Data Management | IT Solutions Near Richmond

The 7 Steps of Data Migration in Richmond, VA

Successful data migration depends on your Richmond, VA IT service following 7 essential steps:

  1. Analyze the data: It's important to understand the current location and form of the data in order to know how to transform and transfer. This is an optimal time to spot potential risks, how we'll address them and other security issues, and analyze problems with data quality.
  2. Plan the data migration: It's important to understand the size and scope of the project to determine the resources necessary and a sensible timeline for completing the project. Additionally, this will allow us to plan the migration in a way that minimally interferes with your normal operations.
  3. Backup the data: Like any technical process, things can go wrong in data migration. We'll determine how to best backup your specific data, so if there are any missing data, or the if circumstances outside of our control arise (such as a power outage), we'll be able to restore your data and complete the data migration successfully.
  4. Asses exactly how to carry out the migration: Based on how your data is currently stored,, we'll find the best tool to finally carry out the procedure. At HITS, we employ a variety of different tools to get the best results in your project.
  5. Execute the data migration: Once the plan is in place, the data is backed up, and you've chosen the right tool, it's time to execute our plan. We'll ensure all the required permissions are in place and follow a exhaustive checklist as the migration is being performed. In the initial stages, we'll be able to adjust our timeline if necessary and see if there are any unforeseen problems with the plan. If anything comes up, we'll work on a solution immediately.
  6. Testing the final system: Ensure the data is protected, correct, and in the appropriate location. To authenticate this, we'll carry out volume, web-based application, and batch application tests.
  7. Follow-up and maintenance: Problems can still arise after running tests. We'll conduct a comprehensive audit of the new version of your data and ensure the quality of the ultimate product. If there is anything wrong, for instance incomplete data, we can correct the issue using the backup files.

At HITS, we take ownership of every part of backing up, transforming, and migrating your data. We use industry knowledge and other applications and experience to make sure your data migration process in Richmond, VA is affordable and efficient.

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Data Migration Richmond, VA | Data Management | IT Solutions Near Richmond

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As we our operations are based in the middle of the country, we can easily provide data migration services to businesses and corporations across the U.S.. HITS will help you operate more effectively and optimize your data storage system. We have been an industry leader in Richmond, VA since 1994. Call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote.