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Document Storage Solutions in Brentwood, TN. Organizations of all sizes all over Brentwood are increasingly coming to the realization that the traditional way of storing documents is unsafe, inefficient, and most importanly unprofitable. Having large numbers of old documents in warehouses or stuffed into closets is an easy way to have critical documents fall through the cracks and not have it available when you need it the most. With advancements in technology and changes in attitudes, more and more clients and employees in Brentwood demand access to data from anytime, anywhere, and from any platform, and stowing your documents stashed away in a file cabinet clearly prevents that access. Even worse, paper documents are in danger of damage from fire, flooding, or the ravages of time, and once that information is damaged there is no bringing it back. Lastly, having to store documents either on-site or at an additional facility occupies precious storage space, and if additional facilities are needed, rent and storage costs can quickly snowball.

A growing number of firms across Brentwood, TN are searching for affordable, efficient document storage solutions, and HITS has the perfect answer for any size company: DocuMiner®. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, DocuMiner® grants you the ability to sift through thousands of pages and identify what you want to hold on to and what you can get rid of. HITS takes care of all the work, allowing your business to focus on your main work and allow the Brentwood, TN data management specialists simplify your document storage requirements.

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Get in touch with HITS now by contacting them online or dialing 314-837-4000 and find out more about how DocuMiner® is the ideal document storage solution for your Brentwood business or agency. With personal customer service, a commitment to security, and best-in-class technology, HITS is your source for Brentwood document storage solutions ranging from warehouseing to secure destruction.

How DocuMiner® Works

DocuMiner® from HITS is the efficient, secure, and safe way to rebuild your document storage strategy and future-proof your sensitive files. Our process cuts liability, safeguards document quality, and frees up space and money that your agency or business can use to concentrate on other, more mission-critical tasks.

The seasoned team at HITS will comb through your documents using our top-of-the-range, in-house DocuMiner® system. This data is analyzed in real time and is made accessible for you to track throughtout the process. Once DocuMiner® is finished sorting through your files, it divides them into two piles: one to keep, and one to shred. Logically, since there may be some paperwork that our system thinks are no longer needed but that you believe to be important documents, you will have the final say on what is kept and what goes to the shredder.

After you have approved a complete manifest, HITS then gets to work digitizing the documents you want to retain and securely shredding those that you no longer need. We use ultra-secure, multi-phase shredding techniques that ensure utter document security. Our scanning process can convert your documents into any file format, including .JPG, .PNG, .PDF, and more. Once scanned, this new data is your property and able to be used any way you see fit. We advise uploading this data to a cloud-based document managment system such as our own STR8VIEW® application, but if you already use an established document management platform we can easily upload this new data to it too. If you do not want to use a cloud-based service for your data, you can choose to have your data transferred to an encrypted hard disk.

Brentwood Document Storage Solutions Built For Tomorrow

The past few years have not only changed our daily lives, they've also affected how we do business and the environment in Brentwood, TN in which we work. Many firms who started to expand their work from home choices during the COVID-19 pandemic are now choosing to make them permanent, or at least transitioning to a "hybrid" system where staffers will only be at the office for part of the week. With fewer bodies in the building, companies are also reimagining how much square footage they need: why pay more rent for a massive office when most days there will not be that many people using it? Brentwood workers, as well, are expecting robust work-from-home options when looking for a new job in Brentwood, TN, and as such demand that crucial data required for specific tasks be made available at any time and on any platform.

HITS' document storage solutions are the ideal method for your Brentwood business to not only digitize and secure your critical documents, but also provide multi-platform access. STR8VIEW® is completely cloud-based and has an intuitive interface, easy-to-use search engine, and complete data security. Our Paperless To Go service is crafted to allow your employees to work anywhere with no loss in document accessibility or quality. When you choose HITS for your document storage needs, you can be sure that your sensitive data will be accessible from any platform, both now and into the future.

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No matter the scope of your organization or business, HITS has the perfect product to fulfill your Brentwood, TN document storage needs. Medical providers, government agencies, and major international corporations rely on HITS' class-leading services to digitize documents, improve data accessibility, and strengthen the security of their proprietary information. Our solutions are built secure and intuitive, are scalable for any application, and are designed to save your Brentwood business time, money, and liability.

Join the many Brentwood, TN businesses who work with HITS to provide cutting-edge document storage solutions built for security and for the future. Call us now at 314-837-4000 or contact us online to find out HITS can help reimagine your document management.