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Document Storage Solutions in Alexandria, VA. Companies of all sizes all over Alexandria are increasingly coming to the realization that the traditional way of storing documents is inefficient, unprofitable, and most of all unsafe. Having large numbers of old forms and files in storage or jammed into closets is a surefire way to lose track of crucial information and not have it available when it's needed. With rapid changes in how we work, more and more employees and clients in Alexandria require access to data from anywhere and at any time, and keeping your documents in a box obviously keeps you from accessing that data. What's more, paper documents are susceptible to damage from floods decay over time, or fire damage, and once that information is damaged there is no bringing it back. Lastly, having to store documents whether on-site or at an additional facility takes up valuable storage space, and if additional facilities are needed, rent and storage costs can quickly snowball.

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An increasing amount of firms across Alexandria, VA are searching for affordable, efficient document storage solutions, and HITS has the perfect solution for any size company: DocuMiner®. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses both, DocuMiner® grants you the power to sort through thousands of files and mark what you want to hold on to and what you don't need anymore. HITS handles all the work, allowing your business to focus on your main work and let the Alexandria, VA data management professionals simplify your document storage needs. This includes HIPAA regulations.

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Talk to HITS today by contacting them online or calling 314-837-4000 and find out more about how DocuMiner® is the ultimate document storage solution for your Alexandria business or agency. With personal customer service, a commitment to security, and first-class technology, HITS is your source for Alexandria document storage solutions ranging from secure destruction to document scanning.

How DocuMiner® Works

DocuMiner® from HITS is the efficient, secure, and safe way to reimagine your document storage strategy and future-proof your important files. Our process cuts liability, improves document quality, and makes available space and money that your firm or department can use to focus on what's really important.

The experienced staff at HITS will sift through your information using our cutting-edge, in-house DocuMiner® application. This data is read in real time and is made available for you to track throughtout the process. Once DocuMiner® is finished combing through your files, it classifies them into two piles: one that you'll keep, and one you want to get rid of. Logically, since there may be some files that our system believes are no longer needed but that you believe to be important materials, you will have the last word on what is kept and what gets shredded. Your company's privacy is an additional concern.

After you have finalized the manifest, HITS then begins the process of digitizing the documents you want to keep and securely shredding those that you have marked as not needed. We use extra-secure, multi-phase shredding processes that guarantee total document security. Our scanning process can convert your documents into any file format, including .PDF, .JPG, .PNG, and more. Once scanned, this new data is yours to keep and utilize however you see fit. We advise uploading this data to a protected document managment system such as our own STR8VIEW® system, but if you already use a trusted document management application we can easily upload this new data to it too. If you do not want to use a cloud-based service for your data, you can elect to have your data saved on a secure hard drive.

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Recent events have not only altered our everyday lives, they've also affected how we work and the environment in Alexandria, VA that we work. Many businesses who started to grow their work from home options during the COVID-19 pandemic are now choosing to make them permanent, or at least moving to a "hybrid" model where workers will only be in the office for half of the week, if not less. With less people in the facility, companies are also reconsidering how much room they need: why pay exorbitant rent for a sprawling office when most days there will not be that many people on site? Alexandria workers, as well, are expecting comprehensive work-from-home options when looking for a new job in Alexandria, VA, and as such ask that critical data needed for certain tasks be made accessible from any device when they need it.

Below are some of the critical reasons document storage solutions in Alexandria, VA, are beneficial for organizations:

  • Digital Storage: Document Storage Solutions allow organizations to store documents in digital formats, obliterating the need for physical paperwork. This can save physical space, reduce clutter, and enhance accessibility.
  • Organization & Indexing: These solutions often provide tools for methodically organizing documents. This may include folder structures, categorization, and indexing to make it easier to search and find specific documents.
  • Security: Security is a pivotal aspect of document storage solutions in Alexandria, VA. These systems go above and beyond, incorporating features such as robust access controls, state-of-the-art encryption, and meticulous audit trails. These measures are in place to fortify the defense against unauthorized access, guaranteeing compliance with rigorous data protection regulations and ensuring the secure destruction of data when necessary.
  • Collaboration: Many solutions foster collaboration among team members. Multiple users can access and work on documents simultaneously, and version control features help track changes and revisions.
  • Integration: When it comes to integration, document storage solutions smoothly mesh with various software and tools within an organization. This optimization of workflows allows for smooth document sharing and collaboration across diverse platforms, all coordinated with the intricacies of data migration.
  • Information Search & Retrieval: Efficient search functionalities are crucial. Users should be able to quickly search for and retrieve documents based on keywords, metadata, or other criteria.
  • Scalability: A good document storage solution should be infinitely scalable to accommodate the growing volume of documents within an organization. This is particularly important for businesses that experience expansion or increased document creation over time.
  • Compliance: For businesses in regulated industries, compliance with industry standards and regulations is absolutely essential. Document Storage Solutions often include features to help organizations meet compliance requirements and standards.
  • Backup & Recovery: As a robust recovery system, regular backups are indispensable to businesses. Document Storage Solutions often include features for automated backups and recovery options.

Alexandria, VA, Document Storage Solutions

There are a variety of capabilities HITS offers government agencies and other institutions in Alexandria, VA, needing data risk management solutions. See below for our core competenicies and what makes our services stand out:

Core Competencies

  • Document Scanning/Imaging
  • Document Conversion
  • Data Migration
  • Document Destruction
  • Document Storage Removal
  • Microfiche Conversion


  • 24/7 Robust Security
  • 8-Step Audit Trail Production Process
  • Document Storage Removal Solutions
  • HITS Kits Secure Shipping Platform
  • Proven Cutting-Edge Software
  • Industry Leader
  • Highly Trained Diverse Staff
  • 24 Years Industry Experience
  • Search and Find Application
  • Project Cost Containment

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HITS' document storage solutions are the ideal way for your Alexandria business to not only digitize and secure your critical documents, but also enable multi-platform access. STR8VIEW® is entirely cloud-based and has an intuitive interface, easy-to-use search engine, and robust data security. Our Paperless To Go product is made to allow your employees to work anywhere with no loss in document accessibility or quality. When you work with HITS for your document storage solutions, you can rest assured that your important data will be accessible from any browser, both today and tomorrow.

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No matter the scope of your office, HITS has the best product to fulfill your Alexandria, VA document storage needs. Medical providers, government agencies, and major international corporations rely on HITS' cutting-edge services to digitize documents, improve data accessibility, and improve the security of their proprietary information. Our solutions are built secure and intuitive, can be made to fit any application, and are designed to save your Alexandria business time, money, and liability.

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Join the many Alexandria, VA businesses who are choosing HITS to provide best-in-class document storage solutions made for security and for the future. Call us now at 314-837-4000 or contact us online to see how HITS can help reimagine your document management.