Brentwood, MO

Data Management Brentwood, MO. As technology evolves and the need to have access to data anywhere becomes less a need and more a requirement, firms of all sizes in Brentwood, MO are making themselves aware of the need for a committed data management contractor. Whether keeping proprietary data secure for years to come, preserving paper documents for future access, or cutting document storage costs while limiting liabilty, strong data management can make the difference between your Brentwood company being ready for the future and being caught out when change occurs.

HITS has been a pace-setter in data management in Brentwood, MO for more than 25 years. We have built a reputation for using the latest technology to convert your data and guarantee that proprietary data stays secure. Our cloud-based data management tools are the prime solution for any size Brentwood business to give their employees the freedom to access necessary information from any device at any time.

Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike in Brentwood, MO trust HITS to help realize their data management goals for a reason. We provide cost-effective, trusted solutions with a level of personal service that is unmet. If you are thinking about reimagining your data management, contact us today to learn more about what HITS can do for your Brentwood, MO company.

The Importance Of Optimizing Your Data

Recent events have only made apparent the need for Brentwood firms of all sizes to build a complete data management plan that considers security, accessibility, and adaptability. More Brentwood, MO workers are expecting that the ability to work from home will not only be permitted but also built upon in the near future. This means that they will need to access any piece of information from any device, even if their network is not as secure as the network at your main building.

Technology's unstoppable progression, and how your firm plans to adapt to changes in technology, is also key when devising a data management strategy. Software platforms that were state-of-the-art even two or three years ago can become outdated and abandoned before you know it. The emerging use of cloud-based platforms brings along with it its own questions: should our Brentwood, MO firm build our own digital ecosystem, or should we use off-the-shelf technology and expect that it stays supported for as long as we need it? Also, when migrating between platforms, the ability to maintain the quality of historical data and insure full portability must also be critical.

Good data management must also take into account security and document liability. Older documents deteriorate over time, which means that critical historical data--or patient information, such as fetal monitoring strips, that must be kept to meet industry standards--must be suitably digitized to ensure continued access without loss of quality. Keeping old physical data also opens up liability issues, as one cannot predict if water or fire damage can destroy files in storage. Acting now to preserve and digitize archived data reduces both future liability and storage costs, permitting your Brentwood firm to focus on your main business.

Choose A Trusted Data Management Partner

For more than 25 years, HITS has offered Brentwood, MO companies both large and small a complete array of data management solutions. Starting as a document scanning company, we have grown to offer data migration, cloud storage, and remote work solutions suitable for any size company in Brentwood.

The staff at HITS has dedicated ourselves through the years to always being on the cutting edge of data management technology. Our patent-pending DocuMiner® application lets you decide what data you need, and what you don't. We analyze what you want to keep in real-time, scan it, and save it for future use either in our proven STR8VIEW® application or an existing document management platform.

When searching for a system to enable a smooth transition from the main office in Brentwood to the home office, consider HITS' Paperless To Go service. Our software ensures that data is made viewable from any computer, so your employees can be free to work from anywhere they want, with no need to worry about security.

HITS also offers a full array of other data management services, like plain-paper scanning, large-format scanning perfect for archiving documents such as blueprints, and secure data destruction. We also provide what other Brentwood, MO data management firms cannot--personalized service that hears your needs and offers the best data management solutions for your unique situation.

HITS has collaborated with governments, corporations, and hospitals of all sizes in Brentwood, MO and is eager to help you rethink how you look at your data management. Call us today at 314-837-4000, or contact us online to speak with a member of our crew and learn more about how HITS can help you meet your data management goals.