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Data Management New York City, NY. As technology changes and the need to view and edit data from any device becomes less a priority and more a requirement, firms large and small in New York City, NY are making themselves aware of the need for a committed data management contractor. Whether limiting document liability, securing sensitive information, or future-proofing paper documents with advanced scanning technology, competent data management can be the difference between your New York City company being prepared for what comes next and being stuck in the past.

HITS has been a leader in data management in New York City, NY for more than 25 years. We have earned a reputation for using cutting-edge technology to improve your data and guarantee that confidential data stays secure. Our cloud-based data management systems are the best solution for any size New York City company to allow their employees to access necessary information from any device at any time.

Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike in New York City, NY work with HITS to help reach their data management needs for a reason. We provide cost-effective, trusted solutions with a level of personal service that is unequaled. If you are wanting to reimagine your data management, call us today at 888-455-4484 or contact us online to hear more about what HITS can do for your New York City, NY company.

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What Is Data Management?

Data management is how organizations acquire, generate, store, and utilize data in a way that benefits their internal operations. It involves the use of different digital systems and policies to ensure data is properly protected and easily accessed throughout its lifecycle. The objective of data management is to turn data into useful information that can aid in decision-making and make your business more productive and efficient, as well as to increase workflow efficiency.

7 Ways You Can Make Your Data Management More Efficient

The following are seven measures you can take to make your New York City, NY's company's data management more efficient:

  1. Create data governance policies — Establish direct policies for managing data, including who what specific roles specific people have and what types of data need to be retained.
  2. Implement data management technologies — Invest in data management technologies that can automate data collection, storage, and analysis. This will guarantee that data is dependable. Digital, cloud-based, and hybrid data management systems also save time and money and reduce difficulty in accessing documents by making information easier to locate.
  3. Organize and standardize data — Make sure data is organized and consistently in the same format so that your internal processes can run smoothly.
  4. Improve data quality — Apply processes to ensure data does not degrade or become compromised, including data validation and checking for mistakes. Regularly evaluating and cleansing data can ensure it's not corrupted or inaccurate.
  5. Foster data literacy Persuade employees to improve their data literacy, so they understand how the data can help them. Provide training to help employees understand the purpose of data management.
  6. Establish data security measures — Reduce your liability. This may include implementing security measures such as firewalls, encryption, and access controls.
  7. Don't stay satisfied with your data management procedures — The modern business world is constantly changing. Regularly review your data management processes and procedures to identify how you can improve.

At HITS, we have almost 30 years of experience helping New York City, NY organizations of all sizes, in numerous fields, create effective data management systems.

The Importance Of Data Management For Your New York City, NY Organization

The past years have only emphasized the need for New York City firms of all sizes to build a comprehensive data management plan that takes into account security, accessibility, and adaptability. More New York City, NY workers are expecting that remote work will not only be allowed but also expanded in the near future. This means that they will need to access any data from any device, even if their home internet's privacy is not as secure as the network at your main facility.

The constant progression of technology, and how your business plans to adapt to these changes, is also critical when devising a data management strategy. Software platforms that were industry-leading even two or three years ago can become outdated and abandoned before you know it. The emerging use of cloud-based platforms presents its own questions: should our New York City, NY company build our own digital ecosystem, or should we use off-the-shelf technology and hope that it stays supported throughout its lifecycle? Also, when moving between software formats, the ability to maintain the quality of historical data and insure full integration must also be critical.

Good data management must also emphasize security and document liability. Older materials deteriorate over time, which means that important historical data--or patient information, such as fetal monitoring strips, that must be kept to meet industry standards--must be properly digitized to ensure continued access without loss of quality. Keeping old physical data also presents liability concerns, as one cannot predict if fire or water damage can ravage files in storage. Acting urgently to preserve and digitize archived data reduces both future liability and storage costs, allowing your New York City, NY firm to focus on your core competencies.

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Choose A Proven New York City, NY Data Management Partner

For more than 25 years, HITS has provided New York City, NY firms both large and small a wide selection of data management solutions. From our beginnings as a document scanning company, we have expanded to offer data migration, cloud storage, and remote work solutions suitable for any size organization in New York City, NY.

The staff at HITS has dedicated ourselves over the years to always being the leaders in data management technology. Our patent-pending DocuMiner® application lets you choose what data you need, and what you don't. We analyze what you want to keep in real-time, scan it, and archive it for future reference either in our proven STR8VIEW® application or your existing document management platform.

When in the market for a system to enable a easy transition from the main office in New York City to the home office, consider HITS' Paperless To Go service. Our software guarantees that data is made available from any computer, so your staff can be free to work from wherever they please, with no security concerns.

HITS also offers a full complement of other data management services, like plain-paper scanning, large-format scanning perfect for digitizing documents such as blueprints, and secure data destruction. We also furnish what other New York City, NY data management firms cannot--personalized service that hears your needs and offers the right data management products for your particular circumstances.

Other services we offer in New York City, NY include:

HITS has partnered with hospitals, governments, and corporations of all sizes in New York City, NY and is ready to help you rethink how you look at your data management. Call us today at 888-455-4484, or contact us online to speak with a member of our crew and learn more about how HITS can assist you in meeting your data management goals.