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Government Records Management New York City, NY

Government Records Management in New York City, NY, is essential for government organizations. As a premier record management company designed to adapt to government policies, contact us at 888-455-4484 for additional information about how we can help.

Regulatory Record Management & Destruction in New York City, NY

HITS provides a variety of services for government institutions that need to handle record scanning and management. Our government record management services in New York City, NY, includes:

  • Emails
  • IMs & Other Online Records
  • Maps & Photos
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Contracts & NDAs

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Government Records Management Services New York City, NY

Our team works with government agencies on multiple levels. Since 1994, HITS has offered a number of services for document scanning, data destruction, health monitoring, and other organizational systems that improve efficiency and security.

Government records management in New York City, NY, encompasses the lifecycle of government document security and storage. This includes the storage, use, and destruction of any sort of record.

What is Government Records Managment?

You don't want your documents to stack up. With services like to STR8VIEW®, we help government agencies with blueprints, data migration, and data destruction. Below are a few key points about federal records management in New York City, NY:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Government agencies (federal, municipal, and even industries in the private sector) are often subject to regulations and laws that dictate how records and documents need to be dealt with. FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) is another factor to keep in mind.
  • Document Lifecycle Management: Documents should be created, classified, stored, can be retrieved, and properly disposed, destroyed, and archived. It is critical for government agencies to handle documents to ensure accountability, transparency, and compliance.
  • Classification & Organization: Two major components for government record management is how information is identified, classified, and organized. The classification involves knowing how different documents fall into distinct categories that may include levels of confidentiality, access restrictions, and retention schedules.
  • Cloud Migration: Cloud migration and going paperless are important components to an organization's efficiency, security, and even their carbon footprint. This applies to government entities, healthcare systems, education, hospitality, and financial institutions that rely on data retrieval and organization.
  • Record Keeping & Archives: Different file systems are vital for recalling information upon request. This can include version control, digital metadata, and allow for streamlined audits. This is highly important for legal reasons--your records should be organized and able to be located in a timely manner.
  • Record Destruction: Secure data destruction is vital when your organization transitions to digital formats or are in the process of minimizing storage space.
  • Training & Awareness: Government employees are frequently involved with creating, managing, and sorting documents and files. It's vital for federal and municipal employees to be aware of relevant laws and protocols.
  • Collaboration: Agencies often encounter situations where they need to communicate sensitive data. Having a cohesive data storage system helps agencies with efficiency, security, and ease-of-access for those with clearance and property authority.

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Government Record Management in New York City, NY

Don't let your documents control your agency's priorities With state-of-the-art services like STR8VIEW®, we assist government agencies with blueprints, data migration, and data destruction. Here are some essential points about government records management in New York City, NY:

Government Document Scanning in New York City, NY

We offer various services at HITS. This encompases:

Core Competencies

  • Document Scanning/Imaging
  • Document Conversion
  • Data Migration
  • Document Destruction
  • Document Storage Removal
  • Microfiche Conversion
  • Data Processing
  • Microfilm Conversion
  • Large Format Conversion
  • Hosting
  • DocuMiner®

Our clients expect a range of record management services, which includes:


  • 24/7 Robust Security
  • 8-Step Audit Trail Production Process
  • Document Storage Removal Solutions
  • HITS Kits Secure Shipping Platform
  • Proven Cutting-Edge Software
  • Industry Leader
  • Highly Trained Diverse Staff
  • W

  • 24 Years Industry Experience
  • Search and Find Application
  • Project Cost Containment

We relentlessly follow CISPE, EU Model Clauses, FERPA, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, IRS 1075, ITAR, VPAT/Section 508, EU-Data Protection, Ethical Hack, Safe Harbor, Encryption in Transit, Encryption at Rest, Cloud Security Alliance, Binding Corporate Rules, and other stringent federal regulations. This is part of our government record management in New York City, NY.

Other services include:

HITS' DocuMiner® is hosted on powerful Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure that is validated with FedRamp Moderate.

Redefining Government Document & Records Management

Transform document scanning, security, and management for government agencies. Our team at HITS grasps the paramount importance of confidentiality and regulatory compliance for agencies--don't think twice to contact us today to learn more and New York City, NY, government records management.