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Government Information Management Pine Bluff, AR. Governments and government agencies at all levels in Pine Bluff, AR are becoming increasingly attuned to the need to properly analyze and improve their data management abilities. Today's work situation requires that all staffers, at every level, have access to pertinent information no matter when or where they need it.

HITS, a recognized leader in data management solutions, is proud to meet your Pine Bluff, AR government information management requirements. We use tested systems to guarantee your data is kept secure and accessible from computers, phones, and tablets, while mitigating your liability and protecting the privacy of sensitive materials. Contact our team to see how HITS' information management products are the perfect fit for your Pine Bluff, AR government or agency.

Contact An Experienced Government Information Partner

With more than 25 years' experience in data management and document archival services, HITS is a recognized leader in information management and data transformation. We have helped governments, businesses, and institutions of all sizes in Pine Bluff, AR meet their data management problems and create future-proof, private information management environments. Talk to our team today to learn how HITS' experience can help your Pine Bluff, AR governmental body or agency.

When Government Information Security Is Paramount

Governments in and near Pine Bluff, AR are becoming aware that old methods of securing sensitive documents are no longer useful, never mind a best practice. Bulging file cabinets and massive rooms filled with boxes of documents have shown themselves to be liabilities many times. Important paperwork can get lost, damaged, or even destroyed due to careless handling and overall neglect. As well, lax practices can force confidential or proprietary information to fall into unauthorized hands, presenting even more liability concerns for Pine Bluff, AR governments.

HITS knows the acute challenges government agencies in Pine Bluff, AR face when dealing with relevant information, particularly when that data is usually confidential or proprietary. Our DocuMiner® application (patent-pending) is designed to take your files, papers, and other information and process them into two categories: what you need, and what you don't. After your government or agency staff has approved these categories, we will securely destroy and dispose of the papers you have decided are no longer needed. We will then scan and archive your other data to a document management system, either HITS' own STR8VIEW® application or an existing software. The end result is that your critical Pine Bluff, AR documents are kept in a secure, cloud-based environment, surplus data is removed, and you can benefit from lower storage costs and heavily reduced document liability.

Solutions For A Changing World

The nature of data and work in Pine Bluff, AR and all around the world is changing, including at the governmental level. Staffers and officials are needing access to data, files, and sensitive information at all hours. No more can data be tethered to a desk or thrown in a cabinet. Now, it must be able to be viewed from a phone or tablet, anywhere a Pine Bluff, AR user or employee may need it. The work-from-home revolution also necessitates governments, agencies, and other employers to be nimble and enable their employees to access crucial data from any device, anywhere.

The experienced staff at HITS is eager to help you conquer these challenges and create a Pine Bluff, AR workspace that is mobile and resilient, while not sacrificing security and proper information management. We offer cutting-edge services like Paperless To Go, which lets government agencies and offices enable their Pine Bluff, AR employees to confidentially access any document from their home computer in a wide variety of file formats. If your office is transitioning between software platforms or to a cloud-based system, HITS can help with migrating data to your new platform without having to worry that critical files or documents will be lost in the shuffle. And if your agency or governmental body is thinking about moving to a paperless, cloud-based office, we offer STR8VIEW®, a secure information management system that streamlines and improves access to your files.

Your Government Information Management Partner

At HITS, we have teamed up with governments, agencies, and businesses large and small in Pine Bluff, AR to help them tackle today's information management demands. Our highly-trained staff has more than two decades' experience in providing budget-friendly and trustworthy data management solutions. We are eager to use our expertise to help your Pine Bluff, AR government or agency strengthen their information management system and enhance their information security. Contact us today to learn more about HITS' full selection of government information management solutions.