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Shredding Services in Lee’s Summit, MO. Data destruction was probably invented pretty soon after papyrus was invented in Egypt. In the contemporary world, with so much of our personal information being recorded, shredding services are requisite for hospitals, law firms, government agencies, or any entity that handles private information. Any business also needs to make sure their own data and their employee's information are safe. HITS's shredding services in Lee’s Summit, MO can ensure that your documents are securely destroyed to whatever regulatory or compliance level needed. If you need shredding services in Lee’s Summit, MO, call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote.

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8 Reasons to Shred Your Documents | Lee’s Summit, MO Shredding Services

Destroying data with our shredding services can help your Lee’s Summit, MO business be more cost-efficient and guard against liability. Below are eight of the most frequent reasons businesses come to HITS for our shredding services:

1. It Guards Against Identity Theft

Despite the fact that so much of our information is online in this day and age, there are still wrongdoers rummaging through paper-filled trash bags to locate personal information such as addresses and social security numbers. Any documents with personal information that are not required anymore should be destroyed. Documents shredded by basic office shredders can still occasionally be put back together by hand or with special software. Outsourcing to professional shredding services will make certain that the private information will not be at risk.

2. Legal Compliance

Federal and state regulations stipulate that personal information like financial records, medical records, pay stubs, and more be adequately and securely discarded. A few of the laws that our shredding services will help you adhere to are:

3. It Saves Storage Space

Heaps of unneeded paper can create an untidy workplace, whether they're consuming room on a table, in drawers, or in a closet. Disordered workspaces cost businesses $2.5 million a year in lost productivity. Utilizing HITS's shredding services in Lee’s Summit, MO will permit you to fill your office with more important things, like that new monitor or a picture of your family.

4. It Keeps Clients Happy

There has possibly never been a greater emphasis on personal information than there is currently. Utilizing shredding services for unneeded documents will protect you from liability and protect your reputation from taking a hit if anybody's personal information is compromised.

5. Good for the Environment

Paper comprises 25% of trash in landfills and 33% of city waste. When you use HITS's shredding services, the shredded paper will be converted into recycled paper, reducing the quantity of trees that are chopped down.

6. It Reduces Fire Hazards

Paper, especially piles of paper, are highly combustible and allows fires them to spread fast. Disposing of large piles of paper will help protect your staff and your workspace.

7. It Saves Time

In-house document shredding is time-consuming, with the tedious tasks of removing staples and paper clips and having you or an employee feed the documents through the shredder individually. Outsourcing shredding services to HITS increases your efficiency and can save you money.

8. You're Going Paperless

There are countless benefits to going paperless, including several of the previously mentioned benefits to paper shredding. HITS's patent-pending DocuMiner® application is a revolutionary method of transforming your records into secure servers. As we help you with the conversion, we'll securely dispose of your paper documents. If you're a healthcare provider, have a look at our innovative STR8VIEW® system for logging and accessing data.

Whatever your reasons for needing cost-effective and secure document destruction in Lee’s Summit, MO, HITS has you covered. Whether you need a one-off bulk shred or regular shredding services, contact us online today.

In addition to shredding services, some of the other services we provide in Lee’s Summit, MO are:

What Documents Should I Shred? | Lee’s Summit, MO Shredding Services

Shredding documents has a negative connotation with some people, but it is a vital part of shielding any Lee’s Summit, MO business and keeping it efficient. Some documents can be destroyed after a relatively period of time, while with others there are federal and state regulations that obligate you to keep certain documents for a particular period of time. The following are some of the documents businesses generally need to destroy:

  • Company Tax Returns: The IRS can audit and amend your return between three to seven years from the year you filed for. After seven years, there is no need to keep your return or relevant records.
  • Employment Records: The IRS advises retaining employee tax records for four years; following those four years, there is no need to retain them. OSHA and other regulatory entities have requirements for how long you should hold onto HR records, but after that time limit has passed they should be destroyed.
  • Bank and Credit Card Statements: It is usually advised to shred these after a year, unless you they are required for tax purposes.
  • Client Documents: Use your discernment for how long you need to hold onto these, for example, if there could be a refund down the line. Once they are no longer required they should be shredded. Anytime an account is closed, the records should be disposed of straight away.
  • Medical Records: HIPPA dictates different time frames for how long healthcare providers should hold onto records. After that time frame, they should be shredded as they not only contain personal medical information, but a Lee’s Summit, MO patient's birth date, ethnicity, and other identifying information.

Other services we offer in Lee’s Summit, MO include:

    Shredding Services Lee’s Summit, MO | Data Management | Secure Document Destruction Near Lee’s Summit

    Shredding Services in Lee’s Summit, MO | HITS

    We named ourselves after our values: Honor, Innovation, Teamwork, and Security. When you trust HITS with your shredding services in Lee’s Summit, MO, you are outsourcing to a team committed to finding the best data management solutions available. We have been industry leaders in data management for more than 25 years and give the highest level of customer service. If you need shredding services in Lee’s Summit, MO, call our headquarters today at 314-837-4000 or our D.C. office at 202-793-2400. You can also contact us online for a free quote.