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Digital Transformation in Columbia, MO

Digital Transformation in Columbia, MO. Digital transformation is a complete reimagining of an organizations practices in order to make them more efficient and mitigate liability and security risks. Effective digital transformation transcends traditional roles within companies. For over two and a half decades, HITS has been helping enterprises in Columbia, MO and beyond eliminate productivity loss due to document challenges and increase efficiency in their day-to-day operations. We provide innovative solutions and revolutionary software from coast to coast. To see what digital transformation can do for your organization, call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or request a free quote online.

Defining Digital Transformation in Columbia, MO

Digital transformation involves converting analog data — data that's held in a physical way — into digital form. It has an effect on all internal operations, resulting in foundational changes to your organization. Digital transformation can either be the incorporation of new services, for instance selling digital products after dealing with material goods, or improving old ones, for instance making updates to your document storage.

Digital Transformation Columbia, MO | Data Management | Scanning Services Near Columbia

Essential Elements for a Successful Digital Transformation in St. Louis

For a lasting and effective digital transformation, St. Louis organizations must focus on the following:

  • Well-defined vision and strategy — Begin by coming up with a crystal clear vision for your digital transformation that syncs digital transformation goals with your organization's general business objectives.
  • Technological advancements — The rapid advancement of technology provides businesses with possibilities to harness cutting-edge tools and platforms. Embracing emerging technologies allows you do be part of a broader transformation instead of getting left behind.
  • Culture change and organization mindset — Digital transformation requires a cultural shift and a mindset that embraces change, stimulates experimentation, and fosters collaboration throughout your entire team. A culture of agility is essential for making your digital transformation a enduring success.
  • Customer-centric approach Positioning the customer at the center of digital transformation efforts will help you more effectively understand what they need and why. By offering more customized experiences you can forge more enduring relationships.
  • Data-focused decision making — Harness data as a strategic asset to drive decision-making throughout the organization. Implement data analytics and business intelligence tools to collect, analyze, and derive actionable insights from the massive amounts of data you'll be collecting.

Who Does Digital Transformation Help in Columbia, MO?

Both you and your Columbia, MO customers will benefit from digital transformation.

How Customers Benefit

Whether you're a for-profit business selling products or a government agency providing a service or in charge of oversight, you are interacting with people outside your organization. Digital transformation will benefit them in a number of ways:

  • Better customer analysis — Data-driven decision making allows businesses to make decisions based on hard, unbiased data as opposed to "gut-feelings". When data is stored digitally, it is more easily organized and can be automatically evaluated by a variety of applications. With digital transformation, you'll have access to customer data and future opportunities all in one place, which allows you to offer more services in a way that benefits the customer most.
  • Greater autonomy over their data — Most people nowadays are worried about who has access to their data and how they are using it. By moving to digital record keeping, you can make your data more secure, showing customers that you care about their privacy concerns.
  • Easier access to your services — With email communications, online product lists, and more, your services will just be a few clicks away, without having to wait on or tie up your team by speaking to a real person. If they do call customer service, your team will be able to offer personalized solutions easily by having immediate access to client records.

More than two-thirds of marketers say they compete mostly on customer experience. By improving your customers' experience, you're directly benefiting yourself as well.

How You Benefit

In addition to a better experience for customers, you'll also enjoy:

  • Increased profits — According to survey responses given to the SAP Center for Business Insight and Oxford Economics, 80% of businesses that invested in digital transformation increased their profits. Digital transformation not only will make new opportunities perceptible, but you won't be paying any of your workers to do rote tasks like organizing, storing, and retrieving documents. Lastly, you won't have to tie up money in cabinets or closets or off-site storage.
  • Enhanced security — Physical data storage can be lost completely in events outside of our control like fires, and anyone who can access the physical area the documents are in can obtain them. Once digital transformation is completed, you'll have secure backups stored either locally or on cloud, so the data will never be lost. It's also easier to control what individuals, both within and outside your organization, can access which documents.
  • Better Internal Cooperation — Digital transformation will enhance agility and improve collaboration throughout your organization. Employees do not need to be in the same physical location to access and edit the same documents, eliminating circuitous communication and lost information. Enhanced collaboration is key to furthering your organization's capabilities.

We know how to accomplish digital transformation in a variety of industries, from safe data services for government agencies, to helping healthcare providers become more efficient with our STR8VIEW® cloud-based management system.

HITS' Approach to Digital Transformation in Columbia, MO

We utilize our proprietary DocuMiner® application to carry out digital transformation and data migration for Columbia, MO organizations. It utilizes a three-step process:

  • Sorting — After you supply us with your paper, film, and other physical data, DocuMiner® will analyze the contents in real time and produce a full manifest list that we will then send to you. Your organization will go through the list and tell us what needs to be kept and what needs to be securely destroyed.
  • Shredding After we receive your authorization, will securely dispose of any analog data that no longer have any use for.
  • Scanning The final step is to scan the documents you need to keep and convert them into whichever file type is best for you. We have experience scanning a variety of types of documents, including:

    We can then make your documents accessible in any of the following systems:

    • AdvancedMD
    • Allscripts
    • Application Xtender
    • Aprima
    • Athena
    • Care Tracker
    • Centricity
    • Cerner
    • Chart Logic
    • ChartWare
    • Clinipro
    • eClinicalWorks
    • EMA (Derm)
    • eMDs
    • EPIC
    • FoxPro
    • Greenway
    • IMS
    • Intergy
    • Kareo
    • LaserFiche
    • Lytec
    • McKesson
    • MedEssential
    • Medical Manager
    • MedInformatix
    • Meditech
    • Minolta CAR
    • Minolta MI3MS
    • MISYS
    • Netfile
    • Nextech
    • NextGen
    • PaperVision
    • Patient Now
    • Patientkeeper
    • Practice Partners
    • SOAPware
    • SpringCharts
    • Web Xtender

Whether or not your digital transformation in Columbia, MO is effective depends on the reliability of the software and having an experienced and creative partner to see it through. Whether you are a governmental entity looking to record confidential information, a business seeking to streamline documentation processes, or a hospital needing to reduce document liability, HITS will be on your side every step of the way.

Digital Transformation in Columbia, MO Requires a Culture Change

Your digital transformation is not complete simply when the information is on a cloud-system or computer. Your IT department is now an important part of your revenue stream. You and your employees in Columbia, MO will have to change the way they think:

  • From internally focused to client focused
  • From avoiding taking risks to anticipating what customers want
  • From oversight to delegation
  • From individual tasks to collaboration

While switching up how your organization operates can be daunting, the truth is it leads to brand new opportunities to innovate.

Other services we offer in Columbia, MO include:

Digital Transformation Columbia, MO | Data Management | Scanning Services Near Columbia

Columbia, MO Digital Transformation | HITS

Only 30% of digital transformations are successful. It goes without saying that you need a digital transformation company in Columbia, MO that knows how to see these projects through. At HITS, our values are in our name: Honor, Innovation, Teamwork, Security. Our dedicated experts and proprietary applications ensure that your digital transformation will go smoothly and enhance both your operations and your customers' experience. For digital transformation in Columbia, MO, call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online.