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Digital Transformation in Arlington, VA. Digital transformation is a critical aspect of updating any Arlington, VA operation, making their records easier to access, and solving security and liability risks. Effective digital transformation can lead to an entirely new culture and customer experiences. For more than two and a half decades, HITS has been helping companies in Arlington, VA and beyond do away with productivity loss due to document challenges and increase efficiency in their day-to-day operations. We provide innovative solutions and revolutionary tools nationwide. To see what our experts can do for you, speak to a HITS representative today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online.

What is Digital Transformation in Arlington, VA?

Digital transformation involves converting analog data — data that's held in a physical way — into digital systems. It has repercussions for every aspect of how your organization runs, resulting in foundational changes to customer experiences and how your employees work together. Digital transformation can either be the incorporation of new services, such as creating mobile applications for customers, or modifying old ones, such as making updates to your document storage.

Digital Transformation Arlington, VA | Data Management | Scanning Services Near Arlington

Who Benefits From Digital Transformation in Arlington, VA?

Both you and your Arlington, VA customers will benefit from digital transformation.

How Customers Benefit

Whether you're a for-profit business selling services or a government agency providing a service or in charge of oversight, you are doing something for someone. Digital transformation will benefit them in a number of ways:

  • Better data analysis — Data-driven decision making allows businesses to make decisions based on hard, objective data as opposed to "gut-feelings". With data in a digital form, it it's easier to locate it and can be automatically analyzed by a number of software. With digital transformation, you'll have access to a consolidated view of customer experience, customer preferences, and future opportunities, which helps you offer the best possible service to your customers.
  • Greater security for personal data — Most people nowadays are concerned with who has access to their data and how they are using it. Digital systems allow you and the customer to decide what is done with their data, showing customers that you care about their privacy concerns.
  • Better access to your services — With email communications, client portals, and more, your services will just be a few clicks away, and many issues are solved without the customer ever needing to speak to a representative. If they do need to speak to a representative, your team will be able to offer personalized solutions easily by having immediate access to client records.

Over two-thirds of marketers say they compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. A better client experience means an improved bottom-line.

How You Benefit

Advantages to your operations include:

  • A better bottom-line — According to a report from the SAP Center for Business Insight and Oxford Economics, 80% of companies that invested in digital transformation increased their profits. Digital transformation not only will make new opportunities perceptible, but you won't be paying any of your workers for empty hours related to document challenges. Finally, you won't have to spend money on storage costs.
  • Better security — Paper documents can be lost completely in catastrophes like tornadoes, and access to them depends on who can physically access the storage space. After a digital transformation of your documents, you'll have digital copies that cannot be destroyed. It's also easier to control which employees and clients have access to what.
  • Better Internal Cooperation — Digital transformation will enhance agility and improve collaboration both within and between teams. Employees do not need to be in the same physical location to access and edit the same documents, eliminating roundabout communication and lost information. Enhanced collaboration is critical to furthering your organization's capabilities.

We have experience implementing digital transformation in a variety of fields, from secure data services for government bodies, to helping healthcare providers improve their customer experience and efficiency STR8VIEW® document management system.

Our Arlington, VA Digital Transformation Process

We use our proprietary DocuMiner® application to carry out digital transformation and data migration for Arlington, VA organizations. The digital transformation is completed in three steps:

  • Sorting — Once we have all of your analog data, DocuMiner® will compile the contents as it sorts through them and create a complete inventory for you to review. You tell us what needs to be kept and what needs to be securely destroyed.
  • Shredding Once you respond to us, will shred any paper, film, and other physical data that you no longer need or want.
  • Scanning — HITS will then scan all of the remaining paper documents and convert them into your preferred digital form. We can scan any type of document you may need, including:

    We can then make your documents accessible in any of the following systems:

    • AdvancedMD
    • Allscripts
    • Application Xtender
    • Aprima
    • Athena
    • Care Tracker
    • Centricity
    • Cerner
    • Chart Logic
    • ChartWare
    • Clinipro
    • eClinicalWorks
    • EMA (Derm)
    • eMDs
    • EPIC
    • FoxPro
    • Greenway
    • IMS
    • Intergy
    • Kareo
    • LaserFiche
    • Lytec
    • McKesson
    • MedEssential
    • Medical Manager
    • MedInformatix
    • Meditech
    • Minolta CAR
    • Minolta MI3MS
    • MISYS
    • Netfile
    • Nextech
    • NextGen
    • PaperVision
    • Patient Now
    • Patientkeeper
    • Practice Partners
    • SOAPware
    • SpringCharts
    • Web Xtender

Whether or not your digital transformation in Arlington, VA is effective depends on the tools used in the migrations and having an experienced and creative partner to see it through. Whether you are a governmental body looking to record private data, a corporation seeking to make your services more convenient for your customers, or a hospital that wants more secure record keeping, HITS can help you meet your data management goals with our cutting edge technology and industry-leading service.

Digital Transformation in Arlington, VA Will Change How You Do Business

Your digital transformation is not complete simply when the information is on a cloud-system or computer. Your IT company is now an important part of your revenue stream. You'll have to encourage yourself and your Arlington, VA organization to change they way they think:

  • From internally focused to client focused
  • From risk avoidance to anticipating what customers want
  • From oversight to a more agile workforce
  • From individual tasks to collaboration

While moving to a new data management approach after years of analog storage can be intimidating, in reality it opens up brand new opportunities to see your organization be the best it can be.

Digital Transformation Arlington, VA | Data Management | Scanning Services Near Arlington

Arlington, VA Digital Transformation | HITS

Only 30% of digital transformations succeed. It goes without saying that you need a digital transformation company in Arlington, VA with experience and skill. At HITS, our values are in our name: Honor, Innovation, Teamwork, Security. Our dedicated experts and innovative tools ensure that your digital transformation will be successful and enhance the way you do business. For digital transformation in Arlington, VA, call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online.