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Scanning Services in Annapolis, MD. More and more organizations are seeking out scanning services to move on from the days of file cabinets and endless boxes of paper in off-site storage locations. We've helped Annapolis, MD companies of all sizes enhance their efficiency and reduce costs by scanning paper, microfilms, blueprints, and more. For almost 30 years, HITS have been providing our Annapolis, MD, clients with the highest level of customer service and information management. Whether you need scanning services in Annapolis, MD, for digital backup copies of vital records, or are looking to go completely paperless, call HITS today at 888-455-4484 or contact us online for a free quote.

Scanning Services Annapolis, MD | Document Management | IT Services Near Annapolis

How Scanning Services in Annapolis, MD Can Help You

There are a variety of reasons that Annapolis, MD, institutions, government agencies and other organizations have turned to scanning services. Scanning services in Annapolis, MD will help you to:

  • Help your bottom line — Stop paying for extra office space or third-party storage services. Moving to cloud on on-premises digital storage is much more affordable, and your employees won't have to take up part of their work day locating hard-to-find documents .
  • Protect data from environmental hazards — After enough time, any document is prone to becoming illegible. Accidents can Office spills can damage them, and disasters such as earthquakes can destroy them. Using scanning services to move your documentation methods to a digital form allows you to create a backup that is not in danger of being damaged or destroyed.
  • Get rid of clutter — Workers need an orderly work environment to be at their best. Research reveals that a cluttered office dramatically affects our decision-making and energy and frequently causes work strain.
  • Increase efficiency — Document challenges lead to almost a quarter of productivity loss, and filing, maintaining, and logging information takes up 8 percent of their time. Having documents in a digital form through Annapolis, MD scanning services eliminates a lot of unproductive busy work for your Annapolis, MD employees.
  • Secure your data — The right information management with the right Annapolis, MD scanning services company is tremendously more secure than traditional paper storage. Not only will outside sources not have access to your data, but you can manage access by individual employees.
  • Move to a remote workforce — The benefits of remote work are becoming increasingly apparent for many organization. Indeed, a 2-year study by Stanford University found that remote workers were just as much if not more productive than office workers. If you're considering remote work, our paperless to-go scanning services will ensure your home workers will have everything they need at their fingertips.
  • Help the environment — According to one study, the average office employee goes through 20 reams of paper a year. That's equivalent to one 45-foot pine tree for every employee. To date, HITS' scanning services have helped keep over 20,000 trees from being cut down.
  • Make audits easier — Many industries have to deal with oversight obligations from governmental agencies. Having your documents on a digital platform will make any audits much smoother.
  • Maintain historical records — Even if you are not going fully paperless, having digital versions will ensure that the information will never be lost.

No matter the reason you're looking into scanning services in Annapolis, MD, HITS is here to help. Call a scanning expert today at 888-455-4484 to learn more about how HITS can help you.

There are three things to consider when it comes to data management:

  1. Data Storage: This can include physical storage, using the cloud, NAS (network-attached storage) and SAN (storage area networks).
  2. Data Security: There are several components that go into data security. This can include access control, encryption, recovery options, firewalls, IDS (firewalls and intrusion detection systems), and other safeguards. Our team can help your company make sure that your information is secure.
  3. Data Destruction: There are a few ways to destroy data. This may include document shredding, physical destruction, data wipes, and other methods.

Scanning Services Annapolis, MD | Document Management | IT Services Near Annapolis

Scanning Services We Offer in Annapolis, MD

HITS is able to scan numerous types of documents that many other scanning services companies in Annapolis, MD simply can't. We use proprietary applications to implement a simple document conversion process. Some of the scanning services we offer in Annapolis, MD include:

  • Paper Scanning

    Quality paper scanning is how we built our reputation for having secure data migration services. Our in-house application is able to track records as we scan them at high volume, so you can be sure we are not losing any records. After scanning, we easily and quickly send them to your cloud or on-premises storage system.

  • Microfilm Scanning

    Preserving film requires very specific conditions. While film used to be the best way to store pictures and other historical records, digital files are now much more secure and easier to track. We help you maintain a permanent backup of your microfilm, microfiche, 16mm, 35mm, and aperture cards. In many cases, the digitized version is superior to the original.

  • Blueprint Scanning

    Blueprints provide engineers and city planners essential information that helps them create our communities. But these enormous documents are hard to deal with and the quality and detail and degrade over time. Today's reliance on computer aided design (CAD) makes sharing and utilizing paper documents a hassle. Once the blueprints are digitized, they are easy to find and shared however best works for you, whether it's email, fax, or printed. We can scan blueprints, aerial maps, or other drawing up to 44 inches in width.

  • Monitoring Strip Scanning

    The AHIMA advises keeping fetal monitoring strips for 10 years after a person reaches the age of 18. Typically wrapped in rubber bands and stored in boxes, those strips are hard to find and can become unreadable quickly. While historically the length of these strips has made them difficult or impossible for Annapolis, MD scanning services to scan, HITS has invented a solution, and you can find the high-quality images easily with text-searchable terms. All while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

    Our innovative, cloud-based STR8VIEW® system allows healthcare providers to centralize all of their records by absorbing legacy system data.

  • DocuMiner®

    With our proprietary DocuMiner® software, we have helped hundreds of Annapolis, MD firms convert their documents to a digital platform which reduces cost and does away with growing liability. Our three-step process is safe and simple:

    1. Sort — DocuMiner® Analyzes your data as files are uploaded, and we give you a list of each item. You then decide what you need to keep and what you don't.
    2. Shred — With our shredding services and secure destruction, we'll get rid of any private data you don't need so it will never be viewed by someone whom shouldn't have access.
    3. Scan — We use our scanning services so your remaining records can be viewed electronically in your preferred document management system.

Our scanning services in Annapolis, MD can convert your files to Tiff, PDF, JPEG, PNG, and others.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Medical Records Management

  • Store all records in a centralized space
  • Eliminate obsolete legacy record-keeping systems
  • Automatically create digital backups
  • Increase security (as more than 9 out of 10 businesses say it has)
  • Automate processes that conventionally avoid human error
  • Reduce the costs of physical storage
  • Send and review high-quality without the hassle
  • Eliminate the possibility of medical records becoming lost or damaged
  • Records and documents can be retrieved quickly by select users
  • Unlimited scalability for your organization as your patient base grows
  • Reach out to HITS for additional information about our document scanning services in Annapolis, MD. 888-455-4484 or contact us online for a quote.

Other services we offer in Annapolis, MD include:

Scanning Services Annapolis, MD | Document Management | IT Services Near Annapolis

Annapolis, MD Scanning Services | HITS

At HITS, we pride ourselves on providing our Annapolis, MD clients with the highest level of customer care and the innovative solutions they need to thrive. No matter how big your organization or what you need digitized, HITS has your back. Scanning services will help your Annapolis, MD organization alleviate liability, increase security, and enable your employees to access information quickly from anywhere. Reach out to a member of our team today at 888-455-4484 or contact us online for a free quote.