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Medical Records Management in Reston, VA

Medical records management in Reston, VA. An efficient medical records management system is essential for any healthcare provider. It seeks to streamline how your organization creates, stores, and retrieves important patient records. A good medical records management system can save time and money, make it easier to retrieve and share information, and improve patient care. if you're interested in bringing your medical records management into the digital age, speak to a hits representative today at 888-455-4484 or tell us about your needs online for a free quote.

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Why Do I Need Effective Medical Records Management in Reston, VA?

An effective medical records management system allows healthcare providers to easily access, create, alter, and store patient medical records and other documents in a secure and centralized location. The system includes features such as electronic intake forms, secure document storing, and data analytics. It can be used to track patient visits, medications, diagnoses, and other types of records. The system can also be used to view and manage billing records, and to ensure compliance with regulatory oversight.

Medical records must legally be retained for long periods of time. Traditionally, that meant yards of cabinets and mountains of boxes, often at the cost of extra storage costs. However, more and more healthcare providers are moving to cloud as a way to save time, money, and energy, all while allowing providers to improve client experience.

HITS is dedicated to helping Reston, VA healthcare providers help their patients. With our dependable data migration, we permit your office to work more efficiently. We don't take any chances with your medical records because we know you can't either. With our system's easy-to-use user interface and one-of-a-kind software, the days of endlessly searching for records will be a thing of the past.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Medical Records Management

  • Historical data is centralized
  • Do away with obsolete legacy systems
  • Easily maintain backups
  • Increase security (as more than 9 out of 10 businesses who moved to cloud say they have)
  • Automate processes that conventionally could result in human error
  • No more physical storage costs
  • Send, receive, and view images better
  • Eliminate the probability of medical records becoming lost or damaged
  • Documents can be retrieved quickly, by different users
  • Ability to scale endlessly as your practice grows

How HITS Provides Medical Records Management in Reston, VA

HITS has developed many different applications and strategies to help Reston, VA healthcare offices get rid of paper and move into the modern world. Three we use most often include:

Digital Transformation With DocuMiner®

Our DocuMiner® application is a state-of-the-art tool that helps transition your medical records from paper or on-premises storage in Reston, VA while remaining HIPAA-compliant. We achieve this in three basic steps:

  1. Sort — We go through every document and provide you with an itemized list. Then we divide them into two categories: those you need to hold on to, and those that have already met your specific retention policy.
  2. Shred Next, we'll securely destroy any records that have already met your retention policy to eliminate growing liability and not bog down your new records management system in Reston, VA.
  3. Scan — Finally, we'll digitize all of the records you need to hold onto into your preferred file type and document management system.

Throughout the migration process, we'll keep a close eye on the process to ensure no files are damaged or lost.

Monitoring Strip Scanning

There are a lot of paper scanning companies in the Reston, VA area. However, most of them cannot scan more fragile documents such as mirofilms or blueprints. As any healthcare provider knows, fetal monitoring strips can be hard to scan due to their length, paper type, and folds. Compounding that is the difficulty of viewing a document that is several feet long, and the fact that the AHIMA recommends holding onto monitoring strips for 10 years past the age of maturity.

HITS perceived a void in the Reston, VA medical records management industry for scanning and efficiently storing these strips. That's why we created our monitoring strip scanning system. With HITS, you won't be inconvenienced trying to find faded strips in old boxes. You can maintain HIPAA compliance while being able to easily find and access monitoring strips for as long as you need to hold onto them. The strips can be placed in our STR8VIEW® system, or on any hard drives or servers you currently use.


While we first started specifically working for the medical records management industry to scan and store fetal monitoring strips, many of our Reston, VA clients afterwards asked us if we could help them store more documents on cloud. We designed our STR8VIEW® tool so that healthcare providers could store other medical records in a secure, centralized location.

The majority of hybrid storage systems, even though they're is preferable to paper storage, still cause users to be less efficient. We've designed our system with help from our Reston, VA clients in the medical industry to develop STR8VIEW® so that it fits the industry's specific needs. STR8VIEW® is totally HIPPAA-compliant, with streamlined search engine and migration capabilities. With STR8VIEW®, you'll enjoy:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Download and print ability
  • Audit tracking capacity
  • Quick load and search display
  • Access by multiple users at the same time
  • Impeccable security and backup
  • Optimization for continual viewing
  • Access from any device
  • Encryption in transit and at rest

Medical Records Management Reston, VA | Document Management | Data Migration Near Reston

Medical Records Management in Reston, VA | HITS

The medical world is always changing, as are the needs of those who seek care. A successful medical records management system is vital for any healthcare office to keep up with the times. To talk more about your medical records management needs in Reston, VA, call HITS today at 888-455-4484 or contact us online for a free quote.