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Medical records management in Independence, MO. A successful medical records management system is key for any healthcare provider. It helps to modernize the process of managing patient medical records and other documents. A good medical records management system will make your and your staff's lives easier and improve patient experiences. if you're interested in bringing your medical records management into the digital age, speak to a hits representative today at 888-455-4484 or contact us through our website for a free quote.

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Why Do I Need Effective Medical Records Management in Independence, MO?

An efficient medical records management system is designed to provide a secure and efficient way of managing medical records, in a centralized location, for healthcare organizations. The system allows you to use digital new patient sheets, secure document sharing, and other records such as medication records. It can be used to track patient visits, medications, test results, and other types of records. The system can also be used for billing, and to help healthcare providers with compliance and reporting requirements.

Medical records have long life cycles. Conventionally, that meant an excess of cabinets, folders, closets, and boxes, which can cost a healthcare provider quite a lot of money. However, increasingly more healthcare providers are seeing the benefits of cloud-based solutions as a way to save time, money, and energy, in addition to providing a better service to their patients.

HITS is dedicated to helping Independence, MO healthcare providers get rid of cumbersome paper. With our time-tested data migration, we allow your staff to work quickly and simply. We don't take any chances with your medical records because we know you can't either. With our system's user-friendly interface and proven applications, you'll have any record you want within seconds in no time.

Why You Should Switch to Cloud-Based Medical Records Management

  • Historical data is centralized
  • Do away with outdated legacy systems
  • Easily maintain backups
  • Increase security (as more than 9 out of 10 businesses who moved to cloud say they have)
  • Automate processes that conventionally could result in human error
  • Save money and real estate compared to physical storage
  • Higher quality management and viewing of imaging tests
  • Eliminate the possibility of medical records becoming lost or damaged
  • Records can be accessed quickly, by different users
  • Unlimited scalability as your patient base grows

How HITS Helps With Medical Records Management in Independence, MO

HITS has developed many different applications and techniques to help Independence, MO medical organizations go paperless and streamline their processes. Three we use most often include:

Scanning Solutions With DocuMiner®

Our DocuMiner® application is a creative tool that allows us to transition your medical records from analog storage in Independence, MO securely and efficiently. We achieve this in three basic steps:

  1. Sort — We go through every document and provide you with an itemized list. Then we sort them into two categories: those you need to hold on to, and those that have already met your specific retention policy.
  2. Shred Next, we'll securely destroy any documents you no longer need to reduce liability and not bog down your new records management system in Independence, MO.
  3. Scan — Finally, we'll scan all of the documents you need to hold onto and move them onto your preferred document management system so you can view them anytime, anywhere.

Throughout the scanning process, we'll keep close watch on the process to ensure no files are damaged or lost.

Monitoring Strip Scanning

There are numerous companies that offer scanning services in the Independence, MO area. However, most of them cannot scan more complicated documents such as mirofilms or blueprints. As any healthcare office knows, fetal monitoring strips can be hard to digitize because they're several feet long, they come on slick paper, and they're creased. Compounding that is their size makes it hard to read them continuously, and the fact that the AHIMA says that medical offices should hold onto monitoring strips for 10 years past the age of maturity.

HITS noticed that the difficulty of maintaining these strips had not yet been dealt with in the Independence, MO medical records management industry. For that reason, we invented our monitoring strip scanning system. With our tools, you won't lose any more time trying to find faded strips in old boxes. You can maintain HIPAA compliance while being able to effortlessly find and retrieve monitoring strips throughout your specific retention policy. The strips can be stored in tour preferred records management system.


We didn't stop coming up with solutions for the medical records management industry with scanning fetal monitoring strips, as many of our Independence, MO clients quickly asked us if we could help them store more documents on our applications. We created our STR8VIEW® application so that healthcare providers could house other medical records in one place securely.

Almost all on-premises storage systems, while is preferable to paper storage, still interrupt workflow and access when compared to cloud systems. We've worked with our Independence, MO clients in the healthcare industry to develop STR8VIEW® so that it fits the industry's specific needs. STR8VIEW® is entirely HIPPAA-compliant, is easily searchable and has migration capabilities. With STR8VIEW®, you'll enjoy:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Download and print capacity
  • Audit tracking ability
  • Quick load and search display
  • Simultaneous access
  • Impeccable data protection and backup
  • Optimization for continuous view
  • Access across multiple devices
  • Encryption in transit and at rest

Medical Records Management Independence, MO | Document Management | Data Migration Near Independence

Medical Records Management in Independence, MO | HITS

As the medical world changes, so do its needs, as well as the needs of those who seek care. An efficient medical records management system is vital for any healthcare organization to continue to serve both their patients and their business well. To talk more about your medical records management needs in Independence, MO, speak to a HITS representative today at 888-455-4484 or contact us online for a free quote.