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Go paperless in Alexandria, VA. The idea of going paperless is becoming increasingly popular for Alexandria, VA enterprises. Eight out of 10 small to medium size businesses want to eliminate paper from their operations. With a paperless workflow, you'll become more cost-efficient, make your clients happier, and will improve your workflows so your employees can be more efficient and productive. HITS has been helping Alexandria, VA organizations improve their workflows for more than 25 years. Call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote and find out more about what we can do for you.

Go Paperless in Alexandria, VA: Stats to Keep in My Mind

The true cost of paper storage might surprise you:

  • An estimated 7.5 percent of documents stored in an analog format go missing; 3 percent are misfiled
  • On average, categorizing a paper document costs $20, locating a missing documents costs $120, and recreating a lost document costs $220
  • Employees in an office setting spend 5-15 percent of their time going over documents, but half their day looking for it
  • 75 percent of the cost associated with paper storage is paying employees for filing and finding them; the other quarter on cabinets, copiers, ink, etc...
  • Issues related to document management account for a 20 percent loss in productivity, the equivalent of two working months per year

Given the above, it's not difficult to see why increasingly more Alexandria, VA organizations are choosing to go paperless in order to improve their bottom line and improve their workflows.

8 Benefits of Going Paperless in Alexandria, VA

Switching to a paperless office can do wonders for your business and those you work with inside and outside your company. The top 8 benefits most of our clients experience by going paperless in Alexandria, VA are:

  1. Save space — By going paperless, your work environment will be more open, which studies show is enough to improve productivity by up to 20%.
  2. Save time — Your employees will be able to focus on the job you pay them for; not on finding the documents they need in order to do it.
  3. Save money — An office copier can cost as much as $15,000, not not to mention yearly maintenance or repairs. By going paperless, you'll also save on expenses like paper and ink, and you won't be paying employees to look for documents.
  4. More productivity — Uncluttered offices not only boost creativity, but digital files will lead to better collaboration and organization, as documents are easier to find and share, even when employees are not in the same place.
  5. More security — All organizations have documents that are private or sensitive. By going paperless, you can control which accounts and servers have access to which documents, instead of anyone with physical access to the storage space being able to see them. Digital documents will also be recoverable in the event of a natural disaster.
  6. Increase compliance — Your clients need to have faith in you, and federal guidelines, such as HIPPA and SOX guidelines, are vital for many Alexandria, VA enterprises. With increased security clients' information will be better protected.
  7. Make a mobile workforce possible — Many office workers prefer working at home because they feel like they can focus more, do not have to deal with a twice-daily commute, and feel like have more autonomy. Employers get the benefit of less overhead, they can hire from a bigger talent pool, and improved employee retention. If you go paperless, both you and your employees can benefit from remote work while still being able to be productive with other members of the team.
  8. Go green — An office worker in the U.S. uses a sheet of paper every 12 minutes. By going paperless, you can help the environment by reducing waste and saving some trees.

How to Move to a Paperless Office in Alexandria, VA

The advantages of a paperless workforce may be obvious, but, it's complicated for any Alexandria, VA organization, especially if you have years' or even decades' worth of paper storage you need to retain . But going paperless doesn't have to be difficult, especially when you employ records management experts like HITS, who, through experience and our innovative applications, have learned how to make the transition as easy as possible:

  • Scan your paper documents — This is the most obvious first step. Sort your documents into two categories, securely destroy the ones you don't need, and scan the others into a digital format.
  • Pick your digital storage service — There's no shortage of software where you can store digital documents. Read their reviews and what they offer and pick what seems like the best option for your company. You'll have the option to consider a cloud, on-premises servers, or hybrid storage.
  • Digitize your workflows — Ensure that newly created documents will be in digital format. Use email invoices, e-signatures, and more to ensure all your processes now produce digital documents. Turn note taking during meetings digitalto get the benefits of better collaboration.
  • Upskill your employees Some of your employees may already be tech-savvy, while others may be nervous about switching to a digital system after years of using paper. Make sure everyone knows what the knew processes and expectations are.
  • Move existing digital documents to the same system — If you were not entirely dependent on paper when you made the switch, make sure those digital documents are also moved to your new system.
  • Scan and shred newly made paper documents — If you still have a paper documents coming in, make sure they're scanned and moved to your new system quickly, and then securely destroy them.
  • Share your new process with clients and partners — Once you've gone paperless internally, make sure to include others you work with with the changes. Present it as an exciting change to make things smoother for everyone.

HITS' Approach to Going Paperless in Alexandria, VA

Without a company experienced in helping Alexandria, VA organization go paperless, you might accidentally lose important documents, or the conversion may draw out for longer than expected. At HITS, we've been helping Alexandria, VA companies go paperless and increase productivity for almost 30 years. In that time, we've learned how to make the process as stress-free as possible.

With our innovative DocuMiner® application, our "going paperless" process can be completed in three easy steps:

  1. Sort your records into two "piles": scan and shred
  2. Scan the paper documents you need to hold onto
  3. Shred those than are unnecessary

Once scanned, we can migrate your data to your preferred file types and your new document management storage. Our Paperless to Go was designed solely to help Alexandria, VA companies allow their employees to work from home.

We've helped all types of Alexandria, VA organizations go paperless, from publicly traded companies to government agencies, and even healthcare providers with our STR8VIEW® application.

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HITS isn't just a name, it's an acronym for what we believe in: Honor, Innovation, Teamwork, and Security. By going paperless with HITS, you can rest easy knowing that your documents and your clients' data are in good hands. However big or small the undertaking, or however many piles of paper documents you need digitized, HITS can handle it. For more information, call us today at 314-837-4000 or reach out to us online for a free quote.