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Document Management in Kansas City, MO. Document management is a vital part of helping any Kansas City, MO business or enterprise save money and complete more tasks in less time. Paper documents are can get lost, or employees waste precious time searching through boxes for something they're not sure is even there. A document management system will guarantee that all of your data is secure, can be accessed quickly, and that its storage conforms to regulatory compliance. For document management services in Kansas City, MO, reach out to HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote.

What is Document Management in Kansas City, MO?

Document management is an automated software solution used to capture, track, retrieve, and store electronic or physical documents, often in order to reduce paper. It is often considered a component of Enterprise Content Management, which is how a business or enterprise manages the creation, collection, publication, and distribution of information.

Efficient document management will make your organization more cost-effective and make your team more productive and stop it from succumbing to many of the typical problems of keeping information on paper.

Document Management Kansas City, MO | Data Migration | Paper Scanning Near Kansas City

Benefits of Document Management in Kansas City, MO

Get Rid of Stacks of Records

When you stop relying on physical storage, you won't have cabinets or boxes taking up any space. As the price of office space goes up, you don't want to take up valuable space when you don't need to. Paper storage can also feed the flames of a fire in the event that one happens.

Reduce Liability

Beyond reducing the spread of a fire, document management mitigates liability for your company's or clients' sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, different industries operate under different oversight. Paper storage can make compliance harder; a 2019 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory study found that as many as 56% of hospitals and doctor's offices may not be HIPPA compliant. A database management system will verify compliance by implementing automated checklists. We have helped Kansas City, MO enterprises become more compliant with:

Improved Access to Information

According to a Nintex survey, 49% of workers have difficulties locating documents, and 43% have difficulties in sharing documents. By using a computerized documentation system, information will be at the tips of your employees' fingers, literally, even if a worker is not in the office. Document management is vital if you are incorporating remote work.

Lower Costs

PriceWaterhouseCoopers reported that the cost of finding a single misplaced document averages out to $122, that the majority of businesses misplace 7.5% of their documents, and 3% are filed in the wrong place. If your business creates 10,000 documents annually, the potential financial burden for your enterprise could be as much as $128,100 annually.

Additionally, most office space nationwide costs between $8 and $23/SQFT, and paper storage can take up as much as 15% of office space. You also can avoid spending money on the containers where the paper is stored.

Your Data Will Be More Secure

If the paper version of a document is lost, you will have to get the information again. Beyond that, a catastrophe such as a earthquake could destroy them. In a computerized system you'll have backups. You'll also be able to more effectively dictate who has access.

Enhance Efficiency

Difficulty finding and sharing documents accounts for 21.3% of productivity loss in companies. Stated differently, for an organization in Kansas City, MO with 100 employees, moving to a digital system would be the same as hiring 21 new employees. With all of your documents in one place and in a digital format, no one will have to spend time looking through hundreds of individual files. Instead, you can simply go to your digital database and easily click through files until you find the document you're looking for.

HITS Document Management Process in Kansas City, MO

HITS utilizes our copyrighted DocuMiner® application in a three-phase process for carrying out document management for Kansas City, MO businesses: Sort, scan, shred.

We'll go through your paper documents and sort them into two categories: Scan, for the information you still need, and shred, for documents that are now unnecessary. As we evaluate the documents, we'll put together a complete manifest list. After, you'll review it and decide what documents you need to keep, and what needs to be securely destroyed.

After we scan the documents, we'll carry out data migration to convert the documents into the format of your choice: Tiff, PDF, JPG, PNG, or more. We can then help you store and backup the information on either on-premises storage, cloud, or hybrid systems.

HITS provides document management to numerous different fields and document formats, for example blueprint scanning for contractors, various services for government entities, and our state-of-the-art STR8VIEW® system and monitoring strip scanning for hospitals and doctor's offices.

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Document Management Kansas City, MO | Data Migration | Paper Scanning Near Kansas City

Kansas City, MO Document Management | HITS

HITS has been helping Kansas City, MO enterprises become more modern, more efficient for over 25 years. We have become an industry leader in Kansas City, MO information management with our innovative proprietary software. We will walk you through the whole document management process, from preparation, to implementation, to secure destruction, and maintenance. Call HITS today at 314-837-4000 or contact us online for a free quote.