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Government document management in St. Louis, MO. In modern society, government agencies deal with an always-increasing number of documents and data. Affectively sorting, storing, retrieving, and destroying this information is critical to maintaining compliance, protecting private data, and helping your agency run as productively as possible. Essentially, government document management refers to the proper maintenance of the massive amounts of information that governmental bodies are in possession of. Numerous aspects are involved, from putting in place policies for document management to implementing a records management system and ensuring proper storage and retrieval of documents. HITS offers government solutions for St. Louis, MO agencies no matter what size for over two and a half decades. We can help you simplify your current document management policies and bring your internal processes out of the dark ages. Speak to a team member today at 314-837-4000 or contact us through our website for a free estimate.

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Why Government Document Management in St. Louis, MO Is Important

Regardless of what level of government your St. Louis, MO agency is at, the public naturally assumes a trust in your office that documents will be handled correctly. Effective document management is important for government agencies for myriad reasons. First, it helps maintain compliance with regulatory oversight, for example the Freedom of Information Act and data privacy laws. If you don't remain compliant it can result in legal penalties, reputational damage, and loss of public trust.

Second, document management protects sensitive information. Government bodies often manage information that is incredibly personal, including information from people, businesses, other agencies and the government itself. Proper document management helps protect this information from unauthorized access, theft, or loss.

Third, document management makes your employees more productive and efficient. With a well-organized and easily accessible document management system, government employees can quickly locate the information they need, work on the same documents at the same time as other employees, and prevent duplicating tasks.

Fourth, government documents must be easily accessible to authorized workers. Government agencies are reliant upon up-to-date information to function at the highest level. A poorly designed document management system can slow down workflow and decision-making, leading to delays in service delivery.

Finally, document management boosts transparency. By keeping track of all activities and decisions, document management helps ensure that the public knows what's going on, and don't suffer from false allegations.

Common Issues With Government Document Management in St. Louis, MO

Even with best efforts, many St. Louis, MO government agencies are not as efficient as they'd like to be in government management as a result of the unique challenges they face. Some of those challenges are:

  • The sheer number of documents — Government agencies create and obtain a massive number of documents every day, for instance reports, emails, applications, meeting notes, and more. It can be challenging to adequately categorize and store all of them, especially for smaller agencies with limited resources.
  • Complexity of regulations and laws — Government agencies are required to comply with numerous different regulations and laws concerning document management, including data protection laws, records retention laws, and Freedom of Information Act requirements. Adhering to these laws while dealing with the huge influx of new documents is difficult.
  • Limited resources and budget — Government agencies regularly have a short supply of resources and budget to dedicate to document management. What is truly needed to manage documents effectively may often fall far down the priority list.
  • Outdated technology — A lot of government agencies are still using outdated technology, which can make the document management process complicated. Paper documents can be destroyed, stolen, or misplaced, while outdated on-premises systems may be at risk of hacking or may not be able to keep up with the amount of data.

By hiring a reputable government document management company in St. Louis, MO, you can ameliorate these difficulties by migrating your information into a cloud or hybrid system, where the information will be easily stored and retrieved.

What a Government Document Management Company in St. Louis, MO Can Do For Your Agency

St. Louis, MO document management companies can help bring government agencies into the modern digital age. Here is a brief list of what we can do for you:

  • Evaluate current document management procedures A document management company can perform an evaluation of current document management processes to determine areas where you could do better and provide suggestions for a more successful system.
  • Identify a new document management system — They should also be able to help your office decide which type of system is best for their needs.
  • Carry out data migration We can manage the migration of information from your current system to the new document management system, ensuring no data is lost on the way. If you still use paper storage, we can help you go paperless and modernize your processes.
  • Offer training and support — A document management company can also provide training and support to ensure that staff are able to use the new document management system to become more efficient.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations — We can also help ensure that your St. Louis, MO agency is adhering to document management laws in their sector, for instance data protection laws and Freedom of Information Act rules.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support — A document management company will stick with you after your new system is set up, giving you confidence that it continues to help you become more efficient and productive.

By partnering with a document management company in St. Louis, MO like HITS, government agencies can have peace of mind that they have the tools and knowledge required to manage documents efficiently, while freeing up resources to focus on their core mission. When you hire us, you get:

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  • 24/7 Robust Security
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How to Have Effective Government Document Management in St. Louis, MO

It takes more than cutting-edge software and successfully migrating your data to achieve government document management best practices. Your St. Louis, MO agency's procedures and employees need to be actively integrated and educated on how to receive, generate, and access data to the best of their abilities. To effectively manage government documents, agencies should implement the following best practices in St. Louis, MO:

  • Develop a document management policy — A document management policy should outline the agency's procedures for receiving, storing, and disposing of documents. The policy should also set up guidelines for document retention and ensure compliance with regulatory oversight. It's imperative that all of your employees all of your employees are well-educated on the policy.
  • Implement an electronic document management system (EDMS) An EDMS allows government agencies to store, manage, and access documents electronically. This reduces the dependency on paper storage, streamlines internal processes, and facilitates collaboration among personnel.
  • Establish document security procedures — Document security protocols should be implemented to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security risks. This may include investing in password protection, encryption, and restricting access to certain documents - both internally and externally.
  • Regularly review and update document management procedures — Document management procedures should be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure they get the results you are expecting and remain compliant with new regulations, and are up-to-date with advances in practice or technology.
  • Provide staff training — Staff training is needed to ensure that employees understand and follow document management procedures. This includes training on all of the above.

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Effective document management is crucial for St. Louis, MO government agencies to meet regulatory compliance, secure private information, and improve efficiency and productivity. However, setting up and sustaining a document management system can be difficult, especially for agencies with limited resources and budget. St. Louis, MO government document management companies can help government agencies overcome these difficulties by providing the tools and expertise needed to manage documents effectively. By implementing best practices for document management, government agencies can ensure that they are operating efficiently and securely, and are accountable to the public. Call HITS at 314-837-4000 or contact us online to discuss your government document management needs in St. Louis, MO today.