EKG Strip Scanning

EKG Strip Scanning

Professional EKG Strip Scanning Solutions for the Medical Industry

HITS is the premier provider of EKG Strip Scanning Services

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EKG Strip Scanning requires precise confidentiality, and attention to detail, so partnering with a company you can trust is of the utmost importance. HITS is proud to provide fully HIPAA-Compliant Medical Document Scanning Services and products to optimize your access and time. Ready to better serve your patients and staff? HITS is the answer. Our STR8VIEW system allows for continuous viewing of EKG strips in high definition quality for the most accessible reading. With innovative systems and methods, we scan and convert your paper into digital formats – so you can focus on providing optimal patient care.

Our EKG Strip Scanning solutions simplify storage to improve the care you can provide your client with.

Our Process


HITS has an extensive process using an in-house developed document tracking application allowing for a fast and accurate check-in.


Staples, paper clips and all other interferences are removed as files are being organized. Once all files are in order, scanning can begin.


With HITS' high-speed scanners, the prepped files are then converted into a digital format for easy storage and accessibility.


For ease of identification, data can be indexed under your preferred criteria with the capability of using multiple index fields.


During the Quality Control process, all files are checked for accuracy and visibility to ensure the best quality scan.


The scanned images can be converted into many different compatible file formats such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.


Media files are delivered in your preferred format and are easily accessible with one click; eliminating the need for physical storage space.


HITS provides secure and certified destruction of all files as part of your total conversion solution, providing you with ease of mind.

EKG Strips

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    Instant Access

    Using HITS Client Portal, you can request and instantly access your scanned EKG strips from anywhere, ensuring you always have critical information when you need it.

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    Secured Storage

    Physical records can easily become lost, faded, or destroyed. With STR8VIEW, all your EKG Strips are securely preserved online so they’re always ready to access.

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    Organized Filing
    Scanned Medical Documents in one reliable location, you’ll spend less time searching, and more time giving your patients the medical care and guidance they need.

HIPAA Compliant

EKG Strip Scanning and the processes involved in protecting sensitive client information have to meet federal regulations for data storage. HITS meets and exceeds all federal HIPAA regulations.

EKG Strip Scanning necessitates processes that follow certain regulations. Protecting medical histories and personal information is key to the success of a practice. HITS is an industry leader in these processes, and uses methods that ensure security, always. With our HIPAA-Compliant Processes and secure, cloud-based viewing system, you can retrieve your documents from anywhere.

Ease of Use

Being able to quickly access EKG strips over an online medium revolutionizes the medical industry. With STR8VIEW, you will be able to access your EKG strips from any location without the need to physically transport them.

Quick access to EKG Strips is crucial. Access via an online medium is revolutionary. Our EKG Strip Scanning Services take your physical documents and convert them into an electronic format that is easy to use, transport, and retrieve. View your EKG strips from anywhere with our STR8VIEW System and have everything ready when you need.

Multiple Services

EKG strips come in many forms, and regardless of your needs or the types of EKG strips that require scanning, HITS Scanning has procedures and methods tailored to give you an unparalleled and precise service and product.

EKG Strips come in a variety of forms, and regardless of need or type, HITS has procedures to match. Tailored for the diverse services crucial to your business, our EKG Strip scanning services are designed to directly meet your needs and those of your patients, so you can provide them with the care they deserve. For more information on EKG Strip Scanning Services, Contact HITS now.

History of Excellence

HITS provides the medical field with exemplary EKG strip scanning services. We understand how important it is to be able to easily access EKG strip records, and our excellent service shows.

HITS provides exemplary EKG Strip Scanning in the medical field. We understand how important it is to be able to easily access EKG strip records and strive for exceptional quality in our EKG strip scanning. We are driven by addressing your needs, so you can shift your focus from the EKG strips themselves to the things that matter most. Contact HITS now for more information.