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Human Resources Document Scanning

HR Document Scanning Solutions to Simplify Archiving Data

HITS offers industry-leading HR Document Scanning Services to Business throughout the United States

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Securing and managing HR documents is a responsibility intrinsic to modern business. Regulatory standards often require that businesses hold sensitive documents for a period of years, which can lead to various levels of inefficiency. Traditional storage solutions can be deeply faulty, requiring more time for document retrieval and increasing operational costs.

HITS provides efficient, reliable HR Document Scanning Services to modern businesses that want to revolutionize their archival processes. HITS’ HR Document Scanning Services allow Human Resources Departments to bolster their operational capacity while also having effective and reliable electronic document archives. After utilizing our electronic scanning systems, HR departments can quickly access files, saving valuable time and simplifying federal compliance requirements.

Our Process


HITS has an extensive process using an in-house developed document tracking application allowing for a fast and accurate check-in.


Staples, paper clips and all other interferences are removed as files are being organized. Once all files are in order, scanning can begin.


With HITS' high-speed scanners, the prepped files are then converted into a digital format for easy storage and accessibility.


For ease of identification, data can be indexed under your preferred criteria with the capability of using multiple index fields.


During the Quality Control process, all files are checked for accuracy and visibility to ensure the best quality scan.


The scanned images can be converted into many different compatible file formats such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.


Media files are delivered in your preferred format and are easily accessible with one click; eliminating the need for physical storage space.


HITS provides secure and certified destruction of all files as part of your total conversion solution, providing you with ease of mind.

Human Resources Document Scanning and Conversion

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    Instant Access

    The ability to quickly retrieve files is crucial to the functionality of any human resources department. HITS’ HR Document Scanning Services makes your documents accessible via any storage method your company utilizes. Revolutionize your HR file retrieval with our optimized workflow systems.

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    Data Security

    Proper HR Document and data handling is paramount to protecting confidential employee information. HITS uses secure servers to protect the information of its clients and ensure that the information contained in HR Documents remains safe. Learn more about how we secure HR document information, by calling or contact HITS.

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    Data Organization

    The process that HITS uses to scan and archive HR documents saves Human Resources Departments extensive amounts of time. Hours typically spent spend sifting through boxes of physical files become moments with scanned documents. Address your HR Data storage needs with HITS’ HR Document Scanning and HR Document Storage solutions. Contact us now.

Secured Documents

The methods used in HR document scanning have to be secure. Otherwise sensitive, confidential information will be lost or exposed. HITS prides itself on the security of its service, because we know that protecting your sensitive information is paramount to your success and ours.

Our clients have grown accustomed to our extensive support in downsizing and data preservation. Secure database storage and HR Document Scanning Services pair with methods designed to provide protection and ease, all in one. For detailed information on our secured scanning practices, contact HITS now.

Easy to Use

Simple, quick, and easy to use document retrieval makes any HR task easier to complete. HITS’ HR Document Scanning Services are built for simplicity, so access is never a hassle.

It is essential that you can access information from anywhere, at any time. Tailored to your needs, HITS’ experts have developed methods built to suit your aims, from quick decision making to improved efficiency. Best of all, our methods make retrieval shockingly simple.

Multiple Services

HR Document Scanning isn't the only service we provide. Our capabilities are extensive – we pride ourselves on being able to scan and digitize any record. From tax forms, long-form papers, blueprint documents, and more, our HR Document Scanning Services can be adapted to meet each of your needs.

HITS specializes in secure data destruction, data migration, and microfilm scanning. Adaptability is the cornerstone of our services, so that you can store, protect, and easily access all your information. Contact HITS today and learn more about our transformative strategies.

History of Excellence

Efficiency and reliability are the cornerstones of any successful Human Resources team. The same goes for your chosen document scanning services provider. This is what compels HITS to consistently elevate our standard of service.

We have provided Document Scanning Services to a variety of clients both in and outside of the human resources field. Our case studies detail our exemplary practices, from e-filing to document storage. Learn how our HR Document Scanning can transform the way you do business.