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Federal Government Document Scanning Conway, AR

Federal Government Document Scanning Conway, AR. With announced changes in governmental policy mandating that all federal government departments and agencies move to a completely digital, paperless environment by the end of 2022, it has never been more critical for federal government officers in Conway to work with a trusted document scanning partner. However, finding a document scanning firm in Conway, AR that is fully equipped to meet the requirements of federal government work is not always a simple task. You want a document scanning partner that is driven to provide to security, gives you ease of use and flexibility, and has document scanning solutions scalable to any size task or department.

At HITS, our complete line of document scanning services are perfectly suited for federal government applications in Conway, AR. We offer class-leading security features including a unique audit trail process and live tracking so that you can be 100% sure that the right documents are being converted. Our technology is fully compliant with DoD 5015.2 STD specifications as well as NARA standards for archiving you can trust. Lastly, our 24-hour support team is on call to assist you with whatever issues may come up and make sure that your Universal Electronic Records Management (ERM) needs are being fully met. Call us today, either at 314-837-4000 to speak with someone at our main office or 202-793-2200 for our Washington, D.C. office, or contact us online to experience how HITS can be your trusted Conway federal government document scanning source and future-proof your crucial data.

The Time To Digitize Your Documents Is Now

The requirement for federal government departments, offices, and agencies in Conway, AR to scan their important documents has never been greater than it is today. In 2018, the Presidential administration issued a report called Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century. This document outlined an extensive plan to streamline the federal government, identify core competencies, improve efficiency, and eliminate or restructure certain federal departments. Many of these plans were never put into place, but one that was has extensive implications for federal goverment offices and their document management: as of December 31, 2022, all federal government paperwork and records must be digitized, moved to a paperless system, and given appropriate metadata. In fact, the National Archives and Records Administration will not accept any paper record beginning January 1, 2023. Further information about this order's implementation was given in the Office of Management and Budget's Memorandum M-19-21, which details document scanning requirements, best practices, and a roadmap to successfully move to a paperless ecosystem.

While there was about a four-year gap between the announcement of this new policy and the date of its implementation, many government agencies and offices in Conway are still scrambling to make sure they meet the order's requirements. Many government offices or departments had not updated their document systems in years, used ancient software, or simply pressed on thinking that paper records would always be used. However, there are a number of reasons why the federal government adopted this new policy: it improves accessibility for citizens, guarantees data will be secure for years to come, greatly reduces data liability, and saves the government millions of dollars spent on storage costs.

HITS: The Leader In Conway, AR Document Scanning Solutions

For more than 25 years, HITS has been a global leader in complete, secure document scanning and data management applications for all kinds of businesses in Conway, ranging from bio-technology to manufacturing to health care and beyond. Our products give our Conway, AR clients 24/7 access to important documents, reduce liability, and guarantee security. We utilize proven, proprietary technology like Paperless To Go and DocuMiner® to give all our clients premium-quality data, available in multiple file formats, and fully trackable throughout the conversion process. Our services allow you to preserve the data you need while securely destroying those you no longer require, and digitize your documents with appropriate metadata that fully adheres to NARA/OMB standards. Whether you elect to use our Str8View® platform or already use a different Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), documents scanned by HITS are available with any EDMS, web browser, or operating system.

HITS also fully understands the importance of information security and how proprietary governmental information cannot be allowed to leak to the wrong people. From our completely secure HITS Kit shipping service, to our fully NARA-compliant record storage facility (currently under construction), to our exclusive eight-step audit trail process, HITS document scanning services are made to make sure that your important data stays secure. Our DocuMiner® platform is hosted on FedRAMP Moderate-certified AWS servers, and all our document management applications meet CISPE, DoD 5015.2 STD, HITECH Act, and VPAT Section 508 encryption standards.

Talk To The Conway, AR Federal Government Document Scanning Specialists | HITS

As the deadline approaches for United States federal government agencies to digitize documents and move to a fully paperless work environment nears, it is all the more crucial to work with a Conway document scanning partner that you can rely on to secure your documents into the future, guarantee total information security, and who gets the unique demands of federal government offices and agencies. The Conway, AR document services team at HITS have years of experience assisting private sector businesses as diverse as Fortune 500 multinational corporations to massive universities to large hospital systems rethink the way they look at data management and secure their critical documents for the future.

With best-in-class technology and a promise to provide personal customer service, HITS is ready to help your Conway, AR federal government department, office, or agency reach its document scanning goals. Give us a call today, either at our main office by dialing 314-837-4000 or at our Washington, D.C. office by phoning 202-793-2200, or get in touch with us online to learn more about how HITS can help you realize your Conway federal government document scanning goals.